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  • He, of course, didn't understand what Jonathan meant; only Jonathan and David knew. - 1 Samuel 20:39

  • Then Jonathan gave his bow and arrows to the boy and told him to take them back to the city. - 1 Samuel 20:40

  • As soon as the boy was gone, David came out from where he had been hiding near the stone pile.* Then David bowed to Jonathan with his face to the ground. Both of them were in tears as they embraced each other and said good-bye, especially David.2 - 1 Samuel 20:41

  • At last Jonathan said to David, "Go in peace, for we have made a pact in the LORD's name. We have entrusted each other and each other's children into the LORD's hands forever." Then David left, and Jonathan returned to the city. - 1 Samuel 20:42

  • Jonathan went to find David and encouraged him to stay strong in his faith in God. - 1 Samuel 23:16

  • "Don't be afraid," Jonathan reassured him. "My father will never find you! You are going to be the king of Israel, and I will be next to you, as my father is well aware." - 1 Samuel 23:17

  • So the two of them renewed their covenant of friendship before the LORD. Then Jonathan returned home, while David stayed at Horesh. - 1 Samuel 23:18

  • "What happened?" David demanded. "Tell me how the battle went." The man replied, "Our entire army fled. Many men are dead and wounded on the battlefield, and Saul and his son Jonathan have been killed." - 2 Samuel 1:4

  • "How do you know that Saul and Jonathan are dead?" David demanded. - 2 Samuel 1:5

  • They mourned and wept and fasted all day for Saul and his son Jonathan, and for the LORD's army and the nation of Israel, because so many had died that day. - 2 Samuel 1:12

  • Then David composed a funeral song for Saul and Jonathan. - 2 Samuel 1:17

  • Both Saul and Jonathan killed their strongest foes; they did not return from battle empty-handed. - 2 Samuel 1:22

  • How beloved and gracious were Saul and Jonathan! They were together in life and in death. They were swifter than eagles; they were stronger than lions. - 2 Samuel 1:23

  • How the mighty heroes have fallen in battle! Jonathan lies dead upon the hills. - 2 Samuel 1:25

  • How I weep for you, my brother Jonathan! Oh, how much I loved you! And your love for me was deep, deeper than the love of women! - 2 Samuel 1:26

  • (Saul's son Jonathan had a son named Mephibosheth,* who was crippled as a child. He was five years old when Saul and Jonathan were killed at the battle of Jezreel. When news of the battle reached the capital, the child's nurse grabbed him and fled. But she fell and dropped him as she was running, and he became crippled as a result.)2 - 2 Samuel 4:4

  • One day David began wondering if anyone in Saul's family was still alive, for he had promised Jonathan that he would show kindness to them. - 2 Samuel 9:1
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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