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  • Not a king in all the earth--no one in all the world--would have believed an enemy could march through the gates of Jerusalem. - Lamentations 4:12

  • O Jerusalem,* your punishment will end; you will soon return from exile. But Edom, your punishment is just beginning; soon your many sins will be revealed.4 - Lamentations 4:22

  • Our enemies rape the women and young girls in Jerusalem* and throughout the towns of Judah.1 - Lamentations 5:11

  • For Jerusalem* is empty and desolate, a place haunted by jackals.3 - Lamentations 5:18

  • "And now, son of man, take a large brick and set it down in front of you. Then draw a map of the city of Jerusalem on it. - Ezekiel 4:1

  • Then take an iron griddle and place it between you and the city. Turn toward it and demonstrate how the enemy will attack Jerusalem. This will be a warning to the people of Israel. - Ezekiel 4:3

  • "Meanwhile, continue your demonstration of the siege of Jerusalem. Lie there with your arm bared and prophesy her destruction. - Ezekiel 4:7

  • Then he told me, "Son of man, I will cause food to be very scarce in Jerusalem. It will be weighed out with great care and eaten fearfully. The water will be portioned out drop by drop, and the people will drink it with dismay. - Ezekiel 4:16

  • Place a third of it at the center of your map of Jerusalem. After acting out the siege, burn it there. Scatter another third across your map and slash at it with a sword. Scatter the last third to the wind, for I will scatter my people with the sword. - Ezekiel 5:2

  • "This is what the Sovereign LORD says: This is an illustration of what will happen to Jerusalem. I placed her at the center of the nations, - Ezekiel 5:5

  • "Prepare chains for my people, for the land is bloodied by terrible crimes. Jerusalem is filled with violence. - Ezekiel 7:23

  • He put out what seemed to be a hand and took me by the hair. Then the Spirit lifted me up into the sky and transported me in a vision of God to Jerusalem. I was taken to the north gate of the inner courtyard of the Temple, where there is a large idol that has made the LORD very angry. - Ezekiel 8:3

  • He said to him, "Walk through the streets of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of all those who weep and sigh because of the sins they see around them." - Ezekiel 9:4

  • While they were carrying out their orders, I was all alone. I fell face down in the dust and cried out, "O Sovereign LORD! Will your fury against Jerusalem wipe out everyone left in Israel?" - Ezekiel 9:8

  • I will drive you out of Jerusalem and hand you over to foreigners who will carry out my judgments against you. - Ezekiel 11:9

  • "Son of man, the people still left in Jerusalem are talking about their relatives in exile, saying, `They are far away from the LORD, so now he has given their land to us!' - Ezekiel 11:15

  • Afterward the Spirit of God carried me back again to Babylonia,* to the Judeans in exile there. And so ended the vision of my visit to Jerusalem.3 - Ezekiel 11:24
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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