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  • When the Babylonian army left Jerusalem because of Pharaoh's approaching army, - Jeremiah 37:11

  • "This is what the LORD says: Everyone who stays in Jerusalem will die from war, famine, or disease, but those who surrender to the Babylonians* will live.2 - Jeremiah 38:2

  • The LORD also says: The city of Jerusalem will surely be handed over to the army of the king of Babylon, who will capture it." - Jeremiah 38:3

  • And Jeremiah remained a prisoner in the courtyard of the guard until the day Jerusalem was captured. - Jeremiah 38:28

  • It was in January* during the ninth year of King Zedekiah's reign that King Nebuchadnezzar* and his army returned to besiege Jerusalem.1 - Jeremiah 39:1

  • Meanwhile, the Babylonians burned Jerusalem, including the palace, and tore down the walls of the city. - Jeremiah 39:8

  • The LORD gave a message to Jeremiah after Nebuzaradan, captain of the guard, had released him at Ramah. He had found Jeremiah bound in chains among the captives of Jerusalem and Judah who were being sent to exile in Babylon. - Jeremiah 40:1

  • "For the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: `Just as my anger and fury were poured out on the people of Jerusalem, so they will be poured out on you when you enter Egypt. You will become an object of damnation, horror, cursing, and mockery. And you will never see your homeland again.' - Jeremiah 42:18

  • "This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: You saw what I did to Jerusalem and to all the towns of Judah. They now lie in ruins, and no one lives in them. - Jeremiah 44:2

  • And so my fury boiled over and fell like fire on the towns of Judah and into the streets of Jerusalem, and now they are a desolate ruin. - Jeremiah 44:6

  • Have you forgotten the sins of your ancestors, the sins of the kings and queens of Judah, and the sins you and your wives committed in Judah and Jerusalem? - Jeremiah 44:9

  • I will punish them in Egypt just as I punished them in Jerusalem, by war, famine, and disease. - Jeremiah 44:13

  • We will do whatever we want. We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and sacrifice to her just as much as we like--just as we and our ancestors did before us, and as our kings and princes have always done in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. For in those days we had plenty to eat, and we were well off and had no troubles! - Jeremiah 44:17

  • "Do you think the LORD did not know that you and your ancestors, your kings and officials, and all the people were burning incense to idols in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? - Jeremiah 44:21

  • They will ask the way to Jerusalem* and will start back home again. They will bind themselves to the LORD with an eternal covenant that will never again be broken.2 - Jeremiah 50:5

  • Listen to the people who have escaped from Babylon, as they declare in Jerusalem how the LORD our God has taken vengeance against those who destroyed his Temple. - Jeremiah 50:28

  • The LORD has vindicated us. Come, let us announce in Jerusalem* everything the LORD our God has done.4 - Jeremiah 51:10
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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