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  • `We will invade Judah and throw its people into panic. Then we will fight our way into Jerusalem and install the son of Tabeel as Judah's king.' - Isaiah 7:6

  • He will keep you safe. But to Israel and Judah he will be a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall. And for the people of Jerusalem he will be a trap that entangles them. - Isaiah 8:14

  • Yes, we have finished off many a kingdom whose gods were far greater than those in Jerusalem and Samaria. - Isaiah 10:10

  • So when we have defeated Samaria and her gods, we will destroy Jerusalem with hers.' " - Isaiah 10:11

  • After the Lord has used the king of Assyria to accomplish his purposes in Jerusalem, he will turn against the king of Assyria and punish him--for he is proud and arrogant. - Isaiah 10:12

  • So this is what the Lord, the LORD Almighty, says: "My people in Jerusalem,* do not be afraid of the Assyrians when they oppress you just as the Egyptians did long ago.3 - Isaiah 10:24

  • But the enemy stops at Nob for the rest of that day. He shakes his fist at Mount Zion in Jerusalem. - Isaiah 10:32

  • Let all the people of Jerusalem* shout his praise with joy! For great is the Holy One of Israel who lives among you."1 - Isaiah 12:6

  • What should we tell the enemy messengers? Tell them that the LORD has built Jerusalem,* and that the poor of his people will find refuge in its walls.1 - Isaiah 14:32

  • Moab's refugees at Sela send lambs to Jerusalem* as a token of alliance with the king of Judah.1 - Isaiah 16:1

  • But the time will come when the LORD Almighty will receive gifts from this land divided by rivers, from this tall, smooth-skinned people, who are feared far and wide for their conquests and destruction. They will bring the gifts to the LORD Almighty in Jerusalem,* the place where his name dwells.2 - Isaiah 18:7

  • This message came to me concerning Jerusalem*: What is happening? Why is everyone running to the rooftops?1 - Isaiah 22:1

  • Oh, what a day of crushing trouble! What a day of confusion and terror the Lord, the LORD Almighty, has brought upon the Valley of Vision! The walls of Jerusalem have been broken, and cries of death echo from the mountainsides. - Isaiah 22:5

  • You inspect the walls of Jerusalem* to see what needs to be repaired. You store up water in the lower pool.3 - Isaiah 22:9

  • He will have your royal robes, your title, and your authority. And he will be a father to the people of Jerusalem and Judah. - Isaiah 22:21

  • Then the LORD Almighty will mount his throne on Mount Zion. He will rule gloriously in Jerusalem, in the sight of all the leaders of his people. There will be such glory that the brightness of the sun and moon will seem to fade away. - Isaiah 24:23

  • In Jerusalem,* the LORD Almighty will spread a wonderful feast for everyone around the world. It will be a delicious feast of good food, with clear, well-aged wine and choice beef.1 - Isaiah 25:6
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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