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  • When Jehoiakim died, his son Jehoiachin became the next king. - 2 Kings 24:6

  • Jehoiachin was eighteen years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem three months. His mother was Nehushta, the daughter of Elnathan from Jerusalem. - 2 Kings 24:8

  • Jehoiachin did what was evil in the LORD's sight, just as his father had done. - 2 Kings 24:9

  • During Jehoiachin's reign, the officers of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came up against Jerusalem and besieged it. - 2 Kings 24:10

  • Then King Jehoiachin, along with his advisers, nobles, and officials, and the queen mother, surrendered to the Babylonians. In the eighth year of Nebuchadnezzar's reign, he took Jehoiachin prisoner. - 2 Kings 24:12

  • Nebuchadnezzar led King Jehoiachin away as a captive to Babylon, along with his wives and officials, the queen mother, and all Jerusalem's elite. - 2 Kings 24:15

  • Then the king of Babylon installed Mattaniah, Jehoiachin's uncle, as the next king, and he changed Mattaniah's name to Zedekiah. - 2 Kings 24:17

  • In the thirty-seventh year of King Jehoiachin's exile in Babylon, Evil-merodach ascended to the Babylonian throne. He was kind to Jehoiachin and released him from prison on April 2 of that year.*1 - 2 Kings 25:27

  • He spoke pleasantly to Jehoiachin and gave him preferential treatment over all the other exiled kings in Babylon. - 2 Kings 25:28

  • He supplied Jehoiachin with new clothes to replace his prison garb and allowed him to dine at the king's table for the rest of his life. - 2 Kings 25:29

  • Jehoiakim was succeeded by his son Jehoiachin; he, in turn, was succeeded by his uncle Zedekiah.*7 - 1 Chronicles 3:16

  • The sons of Jehoiachin,* who was taken prisoner by the Babylonians, were Shealtiel,8 - 1 Chronicles 3:17

  • The rest of the events of Jehoiakim's reign, including all the evil things he did and everything found against him, are recorded in [The Book of the Kings of Israel and Judah.] Then his son Jehoiachin became the next king. - 2 Chronicles 36:8

  • Jehoiachin was eighteen* years old when he became king, but he reigned in Jerusalem only three months and ten days. Jehoiachin did what was evil in the LORD's sight.4 - 2 Chronicles 36:9

  • In the spring of the following year, Jehoiachin was summoned to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar. Many treasures from the Temple of the LORD were taken to Babylon at that time. And Nebuchadnezzar appointed Jehoiachin's uncle,* Zedekiah, to be the next king in Judah and Jerusalem.5 - 2 Chronicles 36:10
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