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  • They will have no inheritance of their own among the Israelites. The LORD himself is their inheritance, just as he promised them. - Deuteronomy 18:2

  • "The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your fellow Israelites, and you must listen to that prophet. - Deuteronomy 18:15

  • I will raise up a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites. I will tell that prophet what to say, and he will tell the people everything I command him. - Deuteronomy 18:18

  • You may charge interest to foreigners, but not to Israelites, so the LORD your God may bless you in everything you do in the land you are about to enter and occupy. - Deuteronomy 23:20

  • "Never take advantage of poor laborers, whether fellow Israelites or foreigners living in your towns. - Deuteronomy 24:14

  • These are the terms of the covenant the LORD commanded Moses to make with the Israelites while they were in the land of Moab, in addition to the covenant he had made with them at Mount Sinai.*1 - Deuteronomy 29:1

  • Moses summoned all the Israelites and said to them, "You have seen with your own eyes everything the LORD did in Egypt to Pharaoh and all his servants and his whole country-- - Deuteronomy 29:2

  • So that very day Moses wrote down the words of the song and taught it to the Israelites. - Deuteronomy 31:22

  • For both of you broke faith with me among the Israelites at the waters of Meribah at Kadesh* in the wilderness of Zin. You failed to demonstrate my holiness to the people of Israel there.6 - Deuteronomy 32:51

  • But someone told the king of Jericho, "Some Israelites have come here tonight to spy out the land." - Joshua 2:2

  • Early the next morning Joshua and all the Israelites left Acacia* and arrived at the banks of the Jordan River, where they camped before crossing.1 - Joshua 3:1

  • The LORD told Joshua, "Today I will begin to make you great in the eyes of all the Israelites. Now they will know that I am with you, just as I was with Moses. - Joshua 3:7

  • So Joshua told the Israelites, "Come and listen to what the LORD your God says. - Joshua 3:9

  • The armed warriors from the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh led the Israelites across the Jordan, just as Moses had directed. - Joshua 4:12

  • That day the LORD made Joshua great in the eyes of all the Israelites, and for the rest of his life they revered him as much as they had revered Moses. - Joshua 4:14

  • Then Joshua said to the Israelites, "In the future, your children will ask, `What do these stones mean?' - Joshua 4:21

  • Then you can tell them, `This is where the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry ground.' - Joshua 4:22
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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