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  • Judah, led by King Abijah, fielded 400,000 seasoned warriors, while Jeroboam mustered 800,000 courageous men from Israel. - 2 Chronicles 13:3

  • When the army of Judah arrived in the hill country of Ephraim, Abijah stood on Mount Zemaraim and shouted to Jeroboam and the Israelite army: "Listen to me! - 2 Chronicles 13:4

  • Don't you realize that the LORD, the God of Israel, made an unbreakable covenant* with David, giving him and his descendants the throne of Israel forever?2 - 2 Chronicles 13:5

  • So you see, God is with us. He is our leader. His priests blow their trumpets and lead us into battle against you. O people of Israel, do not fight against the LORD, the God of your ancestors, for you will not succeed!" - 2 Chronicles 13:12

  • and the men of Judah began to shout. At the sound of their battle cry, God defeated Jeroboam and the Israelite army and routed them before Abijah and the army of Judah. - 2 Chronicles 13:15

  • The Israelite army fled from Judah, and God handed them over to Judah in defeat. - 2 Chronicles 13:16

  • Abijah and his army inflicted heavy losses on them; there were 500,000 casualties among Israel's finest troops that day. - 2 Chronicles 13:17

  • So Judah defeated Israel because they trusted in the LORD, the God of their ancestors. - 2 Chronicles 13:18

  • So Jeroboam of Israel never regained his power during Abijah's lifetime, and finally the LORD struck him down and he died. - 2 Chronicles 13:20

  • For a long time, Israel was without the true God, without a priest to teach them, and without God's law. - 2 Chronicles 15:3

  • But whenever you were in distress and turned to the LORD, the God of Israel, and sought him out, you found him. - 2 Chronicles 15:4

  • They agreed that anyone who refused to seek the LORD, the God of Israel, would be put to death--whether young or old, man or woman. - 2 Chronicles 15:13

  • Although the pagan shrines were not completely removed from Israel, Asa remained fully committed to the LORD throughout his life. - 2 Chronicles 15:17

  • In the thirty-sixth year of Asa's reign, King Baasha of Israel invaded Judah and fortified Ramah in order to prevent anyone from entering or leaving King Asa's territory in Judah. - 2 Chronicles 16:1

  • "Let us renew the treaty that existed between your father and my father. See, I am sending you a gift of silver and gold. Break your treaty with King Baasha of Israel so that he will leave me alone." - 2 Chronicles 16:3

  • Ben-hadad agreed to King Asa's request and sent his armies to attack Israel. They conquered the towns of Ijon, Dan, Abel-beth-maacah,* and all the store cities in Naphtali.1 - 2 Chronicles 16:4

  • As soon as Baasha of Israel heard what was happening, he abandoned his project of fortifying Ramah. - 2 Chronicles 16:5
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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