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  • "Though Israel is a prostitute, may Judah avoid such guilt. O Judah, do not join with those who worship me insincerely at Gilgal and at Beth-aven.* Their worship is mere pretense as they take oaths in the LORD's name.3 - Hosea 4:15

  • Israel is as stubborn as a heifer, so the LORD will put her out to pasture. She will stand alone and unprotected, like a helpless lamb in an open field. - Hosea 4:16

  • The men of Israel finish up their drinking bouts and off they go to find some prostitutes. Their love for shame is greater than their love for honor.*4 - Hosea 4:18

  • "Hear this, you priests and all of Israel's leaders! Listen, all you men of the royal family! These words of judgment are for you: You are doomed! For you have led the people into a snare by worshiping the idols at Mizpah and Tabor. - Hosea 5:1

  • I know what you are like, O Israel! You have left me as a prostitute leaves her husband; you are utterly defiled. - Hosea 5:3

  • "The arrogance of Israel* testifies against her; she will stumble under her load of guilt. Judah, too, will fall with her.2 - Hosea 5:5

  • One thing is certain, Israel*: When your day of punishment comes, you will become a heap of rubble.4 - Hosea 5:9

  • The people of Israel will be crushed and broken by my judgment because they are determined to worship idols. - Hosea 5:11

  • I will destroy Israel as a moth consumes wool. I will sap Judah's strength as dry rot weakens wood. - Hosea 5:12

  • "When Israel and Judah saw how sick they were, Israel turned to Assyria, to the great king there, but he could neither help nor cure them. - Hosea 5:13

  • I will tear at Israel and Judah as a lion rips apart its prey. I will carry them off, and there will be no one left to rescue them. - Hosea 5:14

  • "O Israel* and Judah, what should I do with you?" asks the LORD. "For your love vanishes like the morning mist and disappears like dew in the sunlight.1 - Hosea 6:4

  • Yes, I have seen a horrible thing in Israel: My people have defiled themselves by chasing after other gods! - Hosea 6:10

  • "I wanted to heal Israel, but its sins were far too great. Samaria is filled with liars, thieves, and bandits! - Hosea 7:1

  • "My people of Israel* mingle with godless foreigners, picking up their evil ways. Now they have become as worthless as a half-baked cake!1 - Hosea 7:8

  • Worshiping foreign gods has sapped their strength, but they don't even know it. Israel is like an old man with graying hair, unaware of how weak and old he has become. - Hosea 7:9

  • "The people of Israel have become like silly, witless doves, first calling to Egypt, then flying to Assyria. - Hosea 7:11
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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