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  • "Give the Israelites the following instructions for dealing with those who sin unintentionally by doing anything forbidden by the LORD's commands. - Leviticus 4:2

  • "Give Aaron and his sons the following instructions regarding the whole burnt offering. The burnt offering must be left on the altar until the next morning, and the altar fire must be kept burning all night. - Leviticus 6:9

  • "These are the instructions regarding the grain offering. Aaron's sons must present this offering to the LORD in front of the altar. - Leviticus 6:14

  • "Give Aaron and his sons these further instructions regarding the sin offering. The animal given as a sin offering is most holy and must be slaughtered in the LORD's presence at the place where the burnt offerings are slaughtered. - Leviticus 6:25

  • "These are the instructions for the guilt offering, which is most holy. - Leviticus 7:1

  • "These are the instructions regarding the different kinds of peace offerings that may be presented to the LORD. - Leviticus 7:11

  • "Give the Israelites these instructions: You must never eat fat, whether from oxen or sheep or goats. - Leviticus 7:23

  • "Give these further instructions to the Israelites: When you present a peace offering to the LORD, bring part of it as a special gift to the LORD. - Leviticus 7:29

  • These are the instructions for the whole burnt offering, the grain offering, the sin offering, the guilt offering, the ordination offering, and the peace offering. - Leviticus 7:37

  • The LORD gave these instructions to Moses on Mount Sinai when he commanded the Israelites to bring their offerings to the LORD in the wilderness of Sinai. - Leviticus 7:38

  • So Moses followed the LORD's instructions, and all the people assembled at the Tabernacle entrance. - Leviticus 8:4

  • Then Moses told them, "When you have followed these instructions from the LORD, the glorious presence of the LORD will appear to you." - Leviticus 9:6

  • "Give the following instructions to the Israelites: The animals you may use for food - Leviticus 11:2

  • "These are the instructions regarding the land animals, the birds, and all the living things that move through the water or swarm over the earth, - Leviticus 11:46

  • The LORD said to Moses, "Give these instructions to the Israelites: - Leviticus 12:1

  • The priest will then present them to the LORD and make atonement for her. Then she will be ceremonially clean again after her bleeding at childbirth. These are the instructions to be followed after the birth of a son or a daughter. - Leviticus 12:7

  • "These are the instructions for dealing with infectious mildew in woolen or linen clothing or fabric, or in anything made of leather. This is how the priest will determine whether these things are ceremonially clean or unclean." - Leviticus 13:59
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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