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  • So now, with God as our witness, I give you this charge for all Israel, the LORD's assembly: Be careful to obey all the commands of the LORD your God, so that you may possess this good land and leave it to your children as a permanent inheritance. - 1 Chronicles 28:8

  • Now see how they reward us! For they have come to throw us out of your land, which you gave us as an inheritance. - 2 Chronicles 20:11

  • You told us not to let our daughters marry their sons, and not to let our sons marry their daughters, and not to help those nations in any way. You promised that if we avoided these things, we would become a prosperous nation. You promised that we would enjoy the good produce of the land and leave this prosperity to our children as an inheritance forever. - Ezra 9:12

  • The other priests, Levites, and the rest of the Israelites lived wherever their family inheritance was located in any of the towns of Judah. - Nehemiah 11:20

  • This is the fate that awaits the wicked. It is the inheritance decreed by God." - Job 20:29

  • What has God above chosen for us? What is our inheritance from the Almighty on high? - Job 31:2

  • Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your possession. - Psalms 2:8

  • LORD, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. - Psalms 16:5

  • The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance! - Psalms 16:6

  • He chose the Promised Land as our inheritance, the proud possession of Jacob's descendants, whom he loves. Interlude - Psalms 47:4

  • For you have heard my vows, O God. You have given me an inheritance reserved for those who fear your name. - Psalms 61:5

  • He drove out the nations before them; he gave them their inheritance by lot. He settled the tribes of Israel into their homes. - Psalms 78:55

  • He gave their land as an inheritance, a special possession to his people Israel. - Psalms 135:12

  • God gave the land of these kings as an inheritance-- His faithful love endures forever. - Psalms 136:21

  • Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the sinner's wealth passes to the godly. - Proverbs 13:22

  • A wise slave will rule over the master's shameful sons and will share their inheritance. - Proverbs 17:2

  • Parents can provide their sons with an inheritance of houses and wealth, but only the LORD can give an understanding wife. - Proverbs 19:14
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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