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  • But Moses gave no land to the tribe of Levi, for the LORD, the God of Israel, had promised to be their inheritance. - Joshua 13:33

  • These nine and a half tribes received their inheritance by means of sacred lots, in accordance with the LORD's command through Moses. - Joshua 14:2

  • Moses had already given an inheritance of land to the two and a half tribes on the east side of the Jordan River. - Joshua 14:3

  • So Joshua blessed Caleb son of Jephunneh and gave Hebron to him as an inheritance. - Joshua 14:13

  • This was the inheritance given to the families of the tribe of Judah. - Joshua 15:20

  • The families of Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, received their inheritance. - Joshua 16:4

  • The following territory was given to the families of the tribe of Ephraim as their inheritance. The eastern boundary of their inheritance began at Ataroth-addar. From there it ran to Upper Beth-horon, - Joshua 16:5

  • From Tappuah the border extended westward, following the Kanah Ravine to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the inheritance given to the families of the tribe of Ephraim. - Joshua 16:8

  • These women came to Eleazar the priest, Joshua son of Nun, and the Israelite leaders and said, "The LORD commanded Moses to give us an inheritance along with the men of our tribe." So Joshua gave them an inheritance along with their uncles, as the LORD had commanded. - Joshua 17:4

  • As a result, Manasseh's inheritance came to ten parcels of land, in addition to the land of Gilead and Bashan across the Jordan River, - Joshua 17:5

  • because the female descendants of Manasseh received an inheritance along with the male descendants. (The land of Gilead was given to the rest of the male descendants of Manasseh.) - Joshua 17:6

  • But there remained seven tribes who had not yet been allotted their inheritance. - Joshua 18:2

  • Select three men from each tribe, and I will send them out to survey the unconquered territory. They will return to me with a written report of their proposed divisions of the inheritance. - Joshua 18:4

  • However, the Levites will not receive any land. Their role as priests of the LORD is their inheritance. And the tribes of Gad, Reuben, and the half-tribe of Manasseh won't receive any more land, for they have already received their inheritance, which Moses, the servant of the LORD, gave them on the east side of the Jordan River." - Joshua 18:7

  • The eastern boundary was the Jordan River. This was the inheritance for the families of the tribe of Benjamin. - Joshua 18:20

  • Zela, Haeleph, Jebus (that is, Jerusalem), Gibeah, and Kiriath-jearim*--fourteen towns with their villages. This was the inheritance given to the families of the tribe of Benjamin.5 - Joshua 18:28

  • The second allotment of land went to the families of the tribe of Simeon. Their inheritance was surrounded by Judah's territory. - Joshua 19:1
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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