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  • or virgin sister who was dependent because she had no husband. - Leviticus 21:3

  • As a husband among his relatives,* he must not defile himself.1 - Leviticus 21:4

  • "Say to the people of Israel: `Suppose a man's wife goes astray and is unfaithful to her husband. - Numbers 5:12

  • If her husband becomes jealous and suspicious of his wife, even if she has not defiled herself, - Numbers 5:14

  • the husband must bring his wife to the priest with an offering of two quarts* of barley flour to be presented on her behalf. Do not mix it with olive oil or frankincense, for it is a jealousy offering--an offering of inquiry to find out if she is guilty.2 - Numbers 5:15

  • When he has presented her before the LORD, he must unbind her hair and place the offering of inquiry--the jealousy offering--in her hands to determine whether or not her husband's suspicions are justified. The priest will stand before her, holding the jar of bitter water that brings a curse to those who are guilty. - Numbers 5:18

  • But if you have gone astray while under your husband's authority and defiled yourself by sleeping with another man"-- - Numbers 5:20

  • If she has defiled herself by being unfaithful to her husband, the water that brings the curse will cause bitter suffering. She will become infertile,* and her name will become a curse word among her people.5 - Numbers 5:27

  • " `This is the ritual law for dealing with jealousy. If a woman defiles herself by being unfaithful to her husband, - Numbers 5:29

  • or if a man is overcome with jealousy and suspicion that his wife has been unfaithful, the husband must present his wife before the LORD, and the priest will apply this entire ritual law to her. - Numbers 5:30

  • The husband will be innocent of any guilt in this matter, but his wife will be held accountable for her sin.' " - Numbers 5:31

  • If her husband learns of her vow or pledge and raises no objections on the day he hears of it, her vows and pledges will stand. - Numbers 30:7

  • But if her husband refuses to accept her vow or impulsive pledge on the day he hears of it, he nullifies her commitments, and the LORD will forgive her. - Numbers 30:8

  • "Suppose a woman is married and living in her husband's home when she makes a vow or pledge. - Numbers 30:10

  • If her husband hears of it and does nothing to stop her, her vow or pledge will stand. - Numbers 30:11

  • But if her husband refuses to accept it on the day he hears of it, her vow or pledge will be nullified, and the LORD will forgive her. - Numbers 30:12

  • So her husband may either confirm or nullify any vows or pledges she makes to deny herself. - Numbers 30:13
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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