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  • So the five men went over to Micah's house, where the young Levite lived, and greeted him kindly. - Judges 18:15

  • the five spies entered the shrine and took the carved image, the sacred ephod, the household idols, and the cast idol. - Judges 18:17

  • "Be quiet and come with us," they said. "Be a father and priest to all of us. Isn't it better to be a priest for an entire tribe of Israel than just for the household of one man?" - Judges 18:19

  • The young priest was quite happy to go with them, so he took along the sacred ephod, the household idols, and the carved image. - Judges 18:20

  • her husband took a servant and an extra donkey to Bethlehem to persuade her to come back. When he arrived at her father's house, she took him inside, and her father welcomed him. - Judges 19:3

  • Just then Saul approached Samuel at the gateway and asked, "Can you please tell me where the seer's house is?" - 1 Samuel 9:18

  • After the feast, when they had returned to the town, Samuel took Saul up to the roof of the house and prepared a bed for him there.*2 - 1 Samuel 9:25

  • At daybreak the next morning, Samuel called up to Saul, "Get up! It's time you were on your way." So Saul got ready, and he and Samuel left the house together. - 1 Samuel 9:26

  • Then Samuel went home to Ramah, and Saul returned to his house at Gibeah. - 1 Samuel 15:34

  • Then Saul sent troops to watch David's house. They were told to kill David when he came out the next morning. But Michal, David's wife, warned him, "If you don't get away tonight, you will be dead by morning." - 1 Samuel 19:11

  • "Then bring him to me in his bed," Saul ordered, "so I can kill him as he lies there!" And he sent them back to David's house. - 1 Samuel 19:15

  • "But sir," Ahimelech replied, "is there anyone among all your servants who is as faithful as David, your son-in-law? Why, he is the captain of your bodyguard and a highly honored member of your household! - 1 Samuel 22:14

  • May God deal with me severely if even one man of his household is still alive tomorrow morning!" - 1 Samuel 25:22

  • Now what reward should I give the wicked men who have killed an innocent man in his own house and on his own bed? Should I not also demand your very lives?" - 2 Samuel 4:11

  • When the insulting message from the defenders of the city reached David, he told his own troops, "Go up through the water tunnel into the city and destroy those `lame' and `blind' Jebusites. How I hate them." That is the origin of the saying, "The blind and the lame may not enter the house."*1 - 2 Samuel 5:8

  • The Ark of the LORD remained there with the family of Obed-edom for three months, and the LORD blessed him and his entire household. - 2 Samuel 6:11

  • from the time I appointed judges to rule my people. And I will keep you safe from all your enemies. " `And now the LORD declares that he will build a house for you--a dynasty of kings! - 2 Samuel 7:11
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