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  • They were furious with Jeremiah and had him flogged and imprisoned in the house of Jonathan the secretary. Jonathan's house had been converted into a prison. - Jeremiah 37:15

  • Listen, my lord the king, I beg you. Don't send me back to the dungeon in the house of Jonathan the secretary, for I will die there." - Jeremiah 37:20

  • Their flocks and tents will be captured, and their household goods and camels will be taken away. Everywhere shouts of panic will be heard: `We are terrorized at every turn!' - Jeremiah 49:29

  • Yes, come against her from distant lands. Break open her granaries. Crush her walls and houses into heaps of rubble. Destroy her completely, and leave nothing! - Jeremiah 50:26

  • Her mightiest warriors no longer fight. They stay in their barracks. Their courage is gone. They have become as fearful as women. The invaders have burned the houses and broken down the city gates. - Jeremiah 51:30

  • He burned down the Temple of the LORD, the royal palace, and all the houses of Jerusalem. He destroyed all the important buildings in the city. - Jeremiah 52:13

  • Then the Spirit came into me and set me on my feet. He talked to me and said, "Go, shut yourself up in your house. - Ezekiel 3:24

  • They say to the people, `Is it not a good time to build houses? Our city is like an iron pot. Inside it we will be like meat--safe from all harm.*'1 - Ezekiel 11:3

  • Bring your baggage outside during the day so they can watch you. Then as they are watching, leave your house in the evening, just as captives do when they begin a long march to distant lands. - Ezekiel 12:4

  • On the very day that they murdered their children in front of their idols, they boldly came into my Temple to worship! They came in and defiled my house! - Ezekiel 23:39

  • "Son of man, your people are whispering behind your back. They talk about you in their houses and whisper about you at the doors, saying, `Come on, let's have some fun! Let's go hear the prophet tell us what the LORD is saying!' - Ezekiel 33:30

  • But the king said to the astrologers, "I am serious about this. If you don't tell me what my dream was and what it means, you will be torn limb from limb, and your houses will be demolished into heaps of rubble! - Daniel 2:5

  • Therefore, I make this decree: If any people, whatever their race or nation or language, speak a word against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they will be torn limb from limb, and their houses will be crushed into heaps of rubble. There is no other god who can rescue like this!" - Daniel 3:29

  • The officials went together to Daniel's house and found him praying and asking for God's help. - Daniel 6:11

  • Those of his own household will bring his downfall. His army will be swept away, and many will be killed. - Daniel 11:26

  • Then I said to her, "You must live in my house for many days and stop your prostitution. During this time, you will not have sexual intercourse with anyone, not even with me.*"3 - Hosea 3:3

  • We watch as our food disappears before our very eyes. There are no joyful celebrations in the house of our God. - Joel 1:16
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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