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  • The archers will fail to stand their ground. The swiftest soldiers won't be fast enough to escape. Even warriors on horses won't be able to outrun the danger. - Amos 2:15

  • "I sent plagues against you like the plagues I sent against Egypt long ago. I killed your young men in war and slaughtered all your horses. The stench of death filled the air! But still you wouldn't return to me," says the LORD. - Amos 4:10

  • Can horses gallop over rocks? Can oxen be used to plow rocks? Stupid even to ask--but that's how stupid you are when you turn justice into poison and make bitter the sweet fruit of righteousness. - Amos 6:12

  • "At that same time," says the LORD, "I will destroy all your weapons--your horses and chariots. - Micah 5:10

  • Listen! Hear the crack of the whips as the chariots rush forward against her. Wheels rumble, horses' hooves pound, and chariots clatter as they bump wildly through the streets. - Nahum 3:2

  • Their horses are swifter than leopards. They are a fierce people, more fierce than wolves at dusk. Their horsemen race forward from distant places. Like eagles they swoop down to pounce on their prey. - Habakkuk 1:8

  • You trampled the sea with your horses, and the mighty waters piled high. - Habakkuk 3:15

  • In a vision during the night, I saw a man sitting on a red horse that was standing among some myrtle trees in a small valley. Behind him were red, brown, and white horses, each with its own rider. - Zephaniah 1:8

  • I asked the angel who was talking with me, "My lord, what are all those horses for?" "I will show you," the angel replied. - Zephaniah 1:9

  • The first chariot was pulled by red horses, the second by black horses, - Zechariah 6:2

  • the third by white horses, and the fourth by dappled-gray horses. - Zechariah 6:3

  • The chariot with black horses is going north, the chariot with white horses is going west,* and the chariot with dappled-gray horses is going south."2 - Zechariah 6:6

  • The powerful horses were eager to be off, to patrol back and forth across the earth. And the LORD said, "Go and patrol the earth!" So they left at once on their patrol. - Zechariah 6:7

  • They will be like mighty warriors in battle, trampling their enemies in the mud under their feet. Since the LORD is with them as they fight, they will overthrow even the horsemen of the enemy. - Zechariah 10:5

  • "On that day, says the LORD, I will cause every horse to panic and every rider to lose his nerve. I will watch over the people of Judah, but I will blind the horses of her enemies. - Zechariah 12:4

  • This same plague will strike the horses, mules, camels, donkeys, and all the other animals in the enemy camps. - Zechariah 14:15

  • On that day even the harness bells of the horses will be inscribed with these words: SET APART AS HOLY TO THE LORD. And the cooking pots in the Temple of the LORD will be as sacred as the basins used beside the altar. - Zechariah 14:20
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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