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  • The sons of Reuben were Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron, and Carmi. - Genesis 46:9

  • The sons of Judah were Er, Onan, Shelah, Perez, and Zerah. (But Er and Onan had died in the land of Canaan.) The sons of Perez were Hezron and Hamul. - Genesis 46:12

  • These are the ancestors of clans from some of Israel's tribes: The descendants of Reuben, Israel's oldest son, included Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron, and Carmi. Their descendants became the clans of Reuben. - Exodus 6:14

  • The Hezronite clan, named after its ancestor Hezron. The Carmite clan, named after its ancestor Carmi. - Numbers 26:6

  • These were the subclans descended from the Perezites: The Hezronites, named after their ancestor Hezron. The Hamulites, named after their ancestor Hamul. - Numbers 26:21

  • ran south of Scorpion Pass* into the wilderness of Zin and went south of Kadesh-barnea to Hezron. Then it went up to Addar, where it turned toward Karka.2 - Joshua 15:3

  • This is their family line beginning with their ancestor Perez: Perez was the father of Hezron. - Ruth 4:18

  • Hezron was the father of Ram. Ram was the father of Amminadab. - Ruth 4:19

  • The sons of Perez were Hezron and Hamul. - 1 Chronicles 2:5

  • The sons of Hezron were Jerahmeel, Ram, and Caleb.*4 - 1 Chronicles 2:9

  • Hezron's son Caleb had two wives named Azubah and Jerioth. Azubah's sons were named Jesher, Shobab, and Ardon. - 1 Chronicles 2:18

  • When Hezron was sixty years old, he married Gilead's sister, the daughter of Makir. They had a son named Segub. - 1 Chronicles 2:21

  • Soon after Hezron died in the town of Caleb-ephrathah, his wife Abijah gave birth to a son named Ashhur (the father of* Tekoa).8 - 1 Chronicles 2:24

  • The sons of Jerahmeel, the oldest son of Hezron, were Ram (the oldest), Bunah, Oren, Ozem, and Ahijah. - 1 Chronicles 2:25

  • Some of the descendants of Judah were Perez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur, and Shobal. - 1 Chronicles 4:1
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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