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  • Don't lose sight of my words. Let them penetrate deep within your heart, - Proverbs 4:21

  • Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.*3 - Proverbs 4:23

  • Their perverted hearts plot evil. They stir up trouble constantly. - Proverbs 6:14

  • a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, - Proverbs 6:18

  • Keep their words always in your heart. Tie them around your neck. - Proverbs 6:21

  • Tie them on your fingers as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. - Proverbs 7:3

  • The woman approached him, dressed seductively and sly of heart. - Proverbs 7:10

  • awaiting the arrow that would pierce its heart. He was like a bird flying into a snare, little knowing it would cost him his life. - Proverbs 7:23

  • Don't let your hearts stray away toward her. Don't wander down her wayward path. - Proverbs 7:25

  • The words of the godly are like sterling silver; the heart of a fool is worthless. - Proverbs 10:20

  • The LORD hates people with twisted hearts, but he delights in those who have integrity. - Proverbs 11:20

  • Deceit fills hearts that are plotting evil; joy fills hearts that are planning peace! - Proverbs 12:20

  • Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy. - Proverbs 13:12

  • The godly eat to their hearts' content, but the belly of the wicked goes hungry. - Proverbs 13:25

  • Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can fully share its joy. - Proverbs 14:10

  • Laughter can conceal a heavy heart; when the laughter ends, the grief remains. - Proverbs 14:13

  • Wisdom is enshrined in an understanding heart; wisdom is not* found among fools.3 - Proverbs 14:33
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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