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  • For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song." - Zephaniah 3:17

  • Blow the trumpets in times of gladness, too, sounding them at your annual festivals and at the beginning of each month to rejoice over your burnt offerings and peace offerings. The trumpets will remind the LORD your God of his covenant with you. I am the LORD your God." - Numbers 10:10

  • The Jews were filled with joy and gladness and were honored everywhere. - Esther 8:16

  • Throughout the provinces this was done on March 7.* Then on the following day* they rested, celebrating their victory with a day of feasting and gladness.4 - Esther 9:17

  • But the Jews at Susa continued killing their enemies on the second day also, and then rested on the third day,* making that their day of feasting and gladness.5 - Esther 9:18

  • He told them to celebrate these days with feasting and gladness and by giving gifts to each other and to the poor. This would commemorate a time when the Jews gained relief from their enemies, when their sorrow was turned into gladness and their mourning into joy. - Esther 9:22

  • But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, "The LORD is great!" - Psalms 40:16

  • But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, "God is great!" - Psalms 70:4

  • Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery! Replace the evil years with good. - Psalms 90:15

  • Worship the LORD with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy. - Psalms 100:2

  • "Go out to look upon King Solomon, O young women of Jerusalem.* See the crown with which his mother crowned him on his wedding day, the day of his gladness."2 - Song of Solomon 3:11

  • Gone now is the gladness; gone is the joy of harvest. The happy singing in the vineyards will be heard no more. The treading out of grapes in the winepresses has ceased forever. I have ended all their harvest joys. - Isaiah 16:10

  • Mobs gather in the streets, crying out for wine. Joy has reached its lowest ebb. Gladness has been banished from the land. - Isaiah 24:11

  • Those who have been ransomed by the LORD will return to Jerusalem,* singing songs of everlasting joy. Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be overcome with joy and gladness.1 - Isaiah 35:10

  • The LORD will comfort Israel* again and make her deserts blossom. Her barren wilderness will become as beautiful as Eden--the garden of the LORD. Joy and gladness will be found there. Lovely songs of thanksgiving will fill the air.1 - Isaiah 51:3
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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