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  • But when the people of Gibeon heard what had happened to Jericho and Ai, - Joshua 9:3

  • Three days later, the facts came out--these people of Gibeon lived nearby! - Joshua 9:16

  • The Israelites set out at once to investigate and reached their towns in three days. The names of these towns were Gibeon, Kephirah, Beeroth, and Kiriath-jearim. - Joshua 9:17

  • Let them live. But we will make them chop the wood and carry the water for the entire community." So the Israelites kept their promise to the Gibeonites. - Joshua 9:21

  • But Joshua called together the Gibeonite leaders and said, "Why did you lie to us? Why did you say that you live in a distant land when you live right here among us? - Joshua 9:22

  • But that day he made the Gibeonites the woodchoppers and water carriers for the people of Israel and for the altar of the LORD--wherever the LORD would choose to build it. That arrangement continues to this day. - Joshua 9:27

  • Now Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem, heard that Joshua had captured and completely destroyed* Ai and killed its king, just as he had destroyed the city of Jericho and killed its king. He also learned that the Gibeonites had made peace with Israel and were now their allies.1 - Joshua 10:1

  • He and his people became very afraid when they heard all this because Gibeon was a large city--as large as the royal cities and larger than Ai. And the Gibeonite men were mighty warriors. - Joshua 10:2

  • "Come and help me destroy Gibeon," he urged them, "for they have made peace with Joshua and the people of Israel." - Joshua 10:4

  • So these five Amorite kings combined their armies for a united attack. They moved all their troops into place and attacked Gibeon. - Joshua 10:5

  • The men of Gibeon quickly sent messengers to Joshua at Gilgal, "Don't abandon your servants now!" they pleaded. "Come quickly and save us! For all the Amorite kings who live in the hill country have come out against us with their armies." - Joshua 10:6

  • So Joshua and the entire Israelite army left Gilgal and set out to rescue Gibeon. - Joshua 10:7

  • The LORD threw them into a panic, and the Israelites slaughtered them in great numbers at Gibeon. Then the Israelites chased the enemy along the road to Beth-horon and attacked them at Azekah and Makkedah, killing them along the way. - Joshua 10:10

  • On the day the LORD gave the Israelites victory over the Amorites, Joshua prayed to the LORD in front of all the people of Israel. He said, "Let the sun stand still over Gibeon, and the moon over the valley of Aijalon." - Joshua 10:12

  • Joshua slaughtered them from Kadesh-barnea to Gaza and from Goshen to Gibeon. - Joshua 10:41
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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