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  • Eltekeh, Gibbethon, Baalath, - Joshua 19:44

  • The following towns and pasturelands were allotted to the priests from the tribe of Dan: Eltekeh, Gibbethon, - Joshua 21:23

  • Then Baasha son of Ahijah, from the tribe of Issachar, plotted against Nadab and assassinated him while he and the Israelite army were laying siege to the Philistine town of Gibbethon. - 1 Kings 15:27

  • Zimri began to rule over Israel from Tirzah in the twenty-seventh year of King Asa's reign in Judah, but he reigned only seven days. When the army of Israel, which was then engaged in attacking the Philistine town of Gibbethon, - 1 Kings 16:15

  • So Omri led the army of Israel away from Gibbethon to attack Tirzah, Israel's capital. - 1 Kings 16:17

New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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