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  • The sons of Levi were Gershon, Kohath, and Merari. - Genesis 46:11

  • These are the descendants of Levi, listed according to their family groups. In the first generation were Gershon, Kohath, and Merari. (Levi, their father, lived to be 137 years old.) - Exodus 6:16

  • The descendants of Gershon included Libni and Shimei, each of whom is the ancestor of a clan. - Exodus 6:17

  • Levi had three sons, who were named Gershon, Kohath, and Merari. - Numbers 3:17

  • The clans descended from Gershon were named for two of his descendants, Libni and Shimei. - Numbers 3:18

  • The descendants of Gershon were composed of the clans descended from Libni and Shimei. - Numbers 3:21

  • There were 7,500 males one month old or older among these Gershonite clans. - Numbers 3:22

  • The leader of the Gershonite clans was Eliasaph son of Lael. - Numbers 3:24

  • "Take a census of the clans and families of the Gershonite division of the tribe of Levi. - Numbers 4:22

  • "The duties of the Gershonites will be in the areas of general service and carrying loads. - Numbers 4:24

  • They are also to carry the curtains for the courtyard walls that surround the Tabernacle and altar, the curtain across the courtyard entrance, the necessary cords, and all the altar's accessories. The Gershonites are responsible for transporting all these items. - Numbers 4:26

  • Aaron and his sons will direct the Gershonites regarding their duties, whether it involves moving or doing other work. They must assign the Gershonites the loads they are to carry. - Numbers 4:27

  • So these are the duties assigned to the Gershonites at the Tabernacle. They will be directly responsible to Ithamar son of Aaron the priest. - Numbers 4:28

  • The Gershonite division was also counted by its clans and families. - Numbers 4:38

  • So this was the total of all those from the Gershonite clans who were eligible to serve at the Tabernacle. Moses and Aaron counted them, just as the LORD had commanded. - Numbers 4:41
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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