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  • These were all fortified cities with high walls and barred gates. We also took many unwalled villages at the same time. - Deuteronomy 3:5

  • Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. - Deuteronomy 6:9

  • Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates, - Deuteronomy 11:20

  • then that man or woman must be taken to the gates of the town and stoned to death. - Deuteronomy 17:5

  • If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. - Deuteronomy 20:11

  • you must take both of them to the gates of the town and stone them to death. The woman is guilty because she did not scream for help. The man must die because he violated another man's wife. In this way, you will cleanse the land of evil. - Deuteronomy 22:24

  • May the bolts of your gates be of iron and bronze; may your strength match the length of your days!" - Deuteronomy 33:25

  • They left the city at dusk, as the city gates were about to close, and I don't know where they went. If you hurry, you can probably catch up with them." - Joshua 2:5

  • Now the gates of Jericho were tightly shut because the people were afraid of the Israelites. No one was allowed to go in or out. - Joshua 6:1

  • At that time Joshua invoked this curse: "May the curse of the LORD fall on anyone who tries to rebuild the city of Jericho. At the cost of his firstborn son, he will lay its foundation. At the cost of his youngest son, he will set up its gates." - Joshua 6:26

  • When Israel chose new gods, war erupted at the city gates. Yet not a shield or spear could be seen among forty thousand warriors in Israel! - Judges 5:8

  • Listen to the village musicians* gathered at the watering holes. They recount the righteous victories of the LORD, and the victories of his villagers in Israel. Then the people of the LORD marched down to the city gates.1 - Judges 5:11

  • Gaal was standing at the city gates when Abimelech and his army came out of hiding. - Judges 9:35

  • Word soon spread that Samson was there, so the men of Gaza gathered together and waited all night at the city gates. They kept quiet during the night, saying to themselves, "When the light of morning comes, we will kill him." - Judges 16:2

  • But Samson stayed in bed only until midnight. Then he got up, took hold of the city gates with its two posts, and lifted them, bar and all, right out of the ground. He put them on his shoulders and carried them all the way to the top of the hill across from Hebron. - Judges 16:3
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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