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  • Make special clothing for Aaron to show his separation to God--beautiful garments that will lend dignity to his work. - Exodus 28:2

  • Instruct all those who have special skills as tailors to make the garments that will set Aaron apart from everyone else, so he may serve me as a priest. - Exodus 28:3

  • They are to make a chestpiece, an ephod, a robe, an embroidered tunic, a turban, and a sash. They will also make special garments for Aaron's sons to wear when they serve as priests before me. - Exodus 28:4

  • Clothe Aaron and his sons with these garments, and then anoint and ordain them. Set them apart as holy so they can serve as my priests. - Exodus 28:41

  • "Aaron's sacred garments must be preserved for his descendants who will succeed him, so they can be anointed and ordained in them. - Exodus 29:29

  • the beautifully stitched, holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments for his sons to wear as they minister as priests; - Exodus 31:10

  • the beautifully stitched clothing for the priests to wear while ministering in the Holy Place; the sacred garments for Aaron and his sons to wear while officiating as priests." - Exodus 35:19

  • If their hearts were stirred and they desired to do so, they brought to the LORD their offerings of materials for the Tabernacle* and its furnishings and for the holy garments.1 - Exodus 35:21

  • For the priests, the craftsmen made beautiful garments of blue, purple, and scarlet cloth--clothing to be worn while ministering in the Holy Place. This same cloth was used for Aaron's sacred garments, just as the LORD had commanded Moses. - Exodus 39:1

  • With a strong hand, God grabs my garment. He grips me by the collar of my tunic. - Job 30:18

  • the beautifully crafted garments to be worn while ministering in the Holy Place--the holy garments for Aaron the priest and for his sons to wear while on duty. - Exodus 39:41

  • Clothe Aaron with the holy garments and anoint him, setting him apart to serve me as a priest. - Exodus 40:13

  • Then he must wash his entire body and put on his linen tunic and the undergarments worn next to his body. He must tie the linen sash around his waist and put the linen turban on his head. These are his sacred garments. - Leviticus 16:4

  • "As Aaron enters the Tabernacle, he must take off the linen garments he wore when he entered the Most Holy Place, and he must leave the garments there. - Leviticus 16:23

  • Then he must bathe his entire body with water in a sacred place, put on his garments, and go out to sacrifice his own whole burnt offering and the whole burnt offering for the people. In this way, he will make atonement for himself and for the people. - Leviticus 16:24
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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