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  • The family of Harim 1,017 - Ezra 2:39

  • The singers of the family of Asaph 128 - Ezra 2:41

  • Three families of priests--Hobaiah, Hakkoz, and Barzillai--also returned to Jerusalem. (This Barzillai had married a woman who was a descendant of Barzillai of Gilead, and he had taken her family name.) - Ezra 2:61

  • When they arrived at the Temple of the LORD in Jerusalem, some of the family leaders gave generously toward the rebuilding of God's Temple on its original site, - Ezra 2:68

  • Then Jeshua son of Jehozadak* with his fellow priests and Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel with his family began to rebuild the altar of the God of Israel so they could sacrifice burnt offerings on it, as instructed in the law of Moses, the man of God.2 - Ezra 3:2

  • The workers at the Temple of God were supervised by Jeshua with his sons and relatives, and Kadmiel and his sons, all descendants of Hodaviah.* They were helped in this task by the Levites of the family of Henadad.5 - Ezra 3:9

  • Here is a list of the family leaders and the genealogies of those who came with me from Babylon during the reign of King Artaxerxes: - Ezra 8:1

  • From the family of Phinehas: Gershom. From the family of Ithamar: Daniel. - Ezra 8:2

  • From the family of David: Hattush son of Shecaniah. From the family of Parosh: Zechariah and 150 other men. - Ezra 8:3

  • From the family of Pahath-moab: Eliehoenai son of Zerahiah and 200 other men. - Ezra 8:4

  • From the family of Zattu*: Shecaniah son of Jahaziel and 300 other men.1 - Ezra 8:5

  • From the family of Adin: Ebed son of Jonathan and 50 other men. - Ezra 8:6

  • From the family of Elam: Jeshaiah son of Athaliah and 70 other men. - Ezra 8:7

  • From the family of Shephatiah: Zebadiah son of Michael and 80 other men. - Ezra 8:8

  • From the family of Joab: Obadiah son of Jehiel and 218 other men. - Ezra 8:9

  • From the family of Bani*: Shelomith son of Josiphiah and 160 other men.2 - Ezra 8:10

  • From the family of Bebai: Zechariah son of Bebai and 28 other men. - Ezra 8:11
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