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  • No falsehood can be charged against them; they are blameless. - Revelation 14:5

  • "Do not use my name to swear a falsehood and so profane the name of your God. I am the LORD. - Leviticus 19:12

  • I hate and abhor all falsehood, but I love your law. - Psalms 119:163

  • Destruction is certain for those who drag their sins behind them, tied with cords of falsehood. - Isaiah 5:18

  • Household gods give false advice, fortune-tellers predict only lies, and interpreters of dreams pronounce comfortless falsehoods. So my people are wandering like lost sheep, without a shepherd to protect and guide them. - Zechariah 10:2

  • So put away all falsehood and "tell your neighbor the truth"* because we belong to each other.4 - Ephesians 4:25

  • So I am writing to you not because you don't know the truth but because you know the difference between truth and falsehood. - 1 John 2:21

New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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