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  • Topaz from Ethiopia* cannot be exchanged for it. Its value is greater than the purest gold.1 - Job 28:19

  • "You Ethiopians* will also be slaughtered by my sword," says the LORD.2 - Zephaniah 2:12

  • My scattered people who live beyond the rivers of Ethiopia* will come to present their offerings.1 - Zephaniah 3:10

  • Soon afterward King Sennacherib received word that King Tirhakah of Ethiopia* was leading an army to fight against him. Before leaving to meet the attack, he sent this message back to Hezekiah in Jerusalem:1 - 2 Kings 19:9

  • He came with twelve hundred chariots, sixty thousand horsemen, and a countless army of foot soldiers, including Libyans, Sukkites, and Ethiopians.*1 - 2 Chronicles 12:3

  • Once an Ethiopian* named Zerah attacked Judah with an army of a million men* and three hundred chariots. They advanced to the city of Mareshah,1 - 2 Chronicles 14:9

  • So the LORD defeated the Ethiopians* in the presence of Asa and the army of Judah, and the enemy fled.3 - 2 Chronicles 14:12

  • Asa and his army pursued them as far as Gerar, and so many Ethiopians fell that they were unable to rally. They were destroyed by the LORD and his army, and the army of Judah carried off vast quantities of plunder. - 2 Chronicles 14:13

  • Don't you remember what happened to the Ethiopians* and Libyans and their vast army, with all of their chariots and horsemen*? At that time you relied on the LORD, and he handed them all over to you.2 - 2 Chronicles 16:8

  • Then the LORD stirred up the Philistines and the Arabs, who lived near the Ethiopians,* to attack Jehoram.2 - 2 Chronicles 21:16

  • This happened in the days of King Xerxes,* who reigned over 127 provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia.*1 - Esther 1:1

  • So on June 25* the king's secretaries were summoned. As Mordecai dictated, they wrote a decree to the Jews and to the princes, governors, and local officials of all the 127 provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia.* The decree was written in the scripts and languages of all the peoples of the empire, including the Jews.2 - Esther 8:9

  • Let Egypt come with gifts of precious metals; let Ethiopia* bow in submission to God.2 - Psalms 68:31

  • I will record Egypt* and Babylon among those who know me-- also Philistia and Tyre, and even distant Ethiopia.* They have all become citizens of Jerusalem!2 - Psalms 87:4

  • In that day the Lord will bring back a remnant of his people for the second time, returning them to the land of Israel from Assyria, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Ethiopia,* Elam, Babylonia,* Hamath, and all the distant coastlands.3 - Isaiah 11:11
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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