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  • When they arrived at the port of Ephesus, Paul left the others behind. But while he was there, he went to the synagogue to debate with the Jews. - Acts 18:19

  • So he left, saying, "I will come back later,* God willing." Then he set sail from Ephesus.4 - Acts 18:21

  • Meanwhile, a Jew named Apollos, an eloquent speaker who knew the Scriptures well, had just arrived in Ephesus from Alexandria in Egypt. - Acts 18:24

  • Apollos had been thinking about going to Achaia, and the brothers and sisters in Ephesus encouraged him in this. They wrote to the believers in Achaia, asking them to welcome him. When he arrived there, he proved to be of great benefit to those who, by God's grace, had believed. - Acts 18:27

  • While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul traveled through the interior provinces. Finally, he came to Ephesus, where he found several believers.*1 - Acts 19:1

  • The story of what happened spread quickly all through Ephesus, to Jews and Greeks alike. A solemn fear descended on the city, and the name of the Lord Jesus was greatly honored. - Acts 19:17

  • But about that time, serious trouble developed in Ephesus concerning the Way. - Acts 19:23

  • As you have seen and heard, this man Paul has persuaded many people that handmade gods aren't gods at all. And this is happening not only here in Ephesus but throughout the entire province! - Acts 19:26

  • At last the mayor was able to quiet them down enough to speak. "Citizens of Ephesus," he said. "Everyone knows that Ephesus is the official guardian of the temple of the great Artemis, whose image fell down to us from heaven. - Acts 19:35

  • Paul had decided against stopping at Ephesus this time because he didn't want to spend further time in the province of Asia. He was hurrying to get to Jerusalem, if possible, for the Festival of Pentecost. - Acts 20:16

  • But when we landed at Miletus, he sent a message to the elders of the church at Ephesus, asking them to come down to meet him. - Acts 20:17

  • (For earlier that day they had seen him in the city with Trophimus, a Gentile from Ephesus,* and they assumed Paul had taken him into the Temple.)1 - Acts 21:29

  • And what value was there in fighting wild beasts--those men of Ephesus*--if there will be no resurrection from the dead? If there is no resurrection, "Let's feast and get drunk, for tomorrow we die!"*1 - 1 Corinthians 15:32

  • In the meantime, I will be staying here at Ephesus until the Festival of Pentecost, - 1 Corinthians 16:8

  • This letter is from Paul, chosen by God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus. It is written to God's holy people in Ephesus,* who are faithful followers of Christ Jesus.1 - Ephesians 1:1
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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