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  • I will record Egypt* and Babylon among those who know me-- also Philistia and Tyre, and even distant Ethiopia.* They have all become citizens of Jerusalem!2 - Psalms 87:4

  • Then he sent someone to Egypt ahead of them-- Joseph, who was sold as a slave. - Psalms 105:17

  • Then Israel arrived in Egypt; Jacob lived as a foreigner in the land of Ham. - Psalms 105:23

  • The LORD blanketed Egypt in darkness, for they had defied his commands to let his people go. - Psalms 105:28

  • When he spoke, flies descended on the Egyptians, and gnats swarmed across Egypt. - Psalms 105:31

  • Then he killed the oldest child in each Egyptian home, the pride and joy of each family. - Psalms 105:36

  • But he brought his people safely out of Egypt, loaded with silver and gold; there were no sick or feeble people among them. - Psalms 105:37

  • Egypt was glad when they were gone, for the dread of them was great. - Psalms 105:38

  • So he brought his people out of Egypt with joy, his chosen ones with rejoicing. - Psalms 105:43

  • Our ancestors in Egypt were not impressed by the LORD's miracles. They soon forgot his many acts of kindness to them. Instead, they rebelled against him at the Red Sea.*1 - Psalms 106:7

  • They forgot God, their savior, who had done such great things in Egypt-- - Psalms 106:21

  • When the Israelites escaped from Egypt-- when the family of Jacob left that foreign land-- - Psalms 114:1

  • He destroyed the firstborn in each Egyptian home, both people and animals. - Psalms 135:8

  • He performed miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt; Pharaoh and all his people watched. - Psalms 135:9

  • Give thanks to him who killed the firstborn of Egypt. His faithful love endures forever. - Psalms 136:10

  • He brought Israel out of Egypt. His faithful love endures forever. - Psalms 136:11

  • My bed is spread with colored sheets of finest linen imported from Egypt. - Proverbs 7:16
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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