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  • Take along seven pairs of each animal that I have approved for eating and for sacrifice, and take one pair of each of the others. - Genesis 7:2

  • With them were all the various kinds of animals--those approved for eating and sacrifice and those that were not--along with all the birds and other small animals. - Genesis 7:8

  • They were told they would be eating there, so they prepared their gifts for Joseph's arrival at noon. - Genesis 43:25

  • Judah is a young lion that has finished eating its prey. Like a lion he crouches and lies down; like a lioness--who will dare to rouse him? - Genesis 49:9

  • "If an animal that is permitted for eating dies and you touch its carcass, you will be defiled until evening. - Leviticus 11:39

  • "And this command applies both to Israelites and to the foreigners living among you. If you go hunting and kill an animal or bird that is approved for eating, you must drain out the blood and cover it with earth. - Leviticus 17:13

  • "You must therefore make a distinction between ceremonially clean and unclean animals, and between clean and unclean birds. You must not defile yourselves by eating any animal or bird or creeping creature that I have forbidden. - Leviticus 20:25

  • As you plant the seed in the eighth year, you will still be eating the produce of the previous year. In fact, you will eat from the old crop until the new harvest comes in the ninth year.' - Leviticus 25:22

  • But while they were still eating the meat, the anger of the LORD blazed against the people, and he caused a severe plague to break out among them. - Numbers 11:33

  • Then for forty days and nights I lay prostrate before the LORD, neither eating bread nor drinking water. I did this because you had sinned by doing what the LORD hated, thus making him very angry. - Deuteronomy 9:18

  • "Do not keep an ox from eating as it treads out the grain. - Deuteronomy 25:4

  • Adoni-bezek said, "I once had seventy kings with thumbs and big toes cut off, eating scraps from under my table. Now God has paid me back for what I did to them." They took him to Jerusalem, and he died there. - Judges 1:7

  • Her father urged him to stay awhile, so he stayed three days, eating, drinking, and sleeping there. - Judges 19:4

  • "What's the matter, Hannah?" Elkanah would ask. "Why aren't you eating? Why be so sad just because you have no children? You have me--isn't that better than having ten sons?" - 1 Samuel 1:8

  • Someone reported to Saul, "Look, the men are sinning against the LORD by eating meat that still has blood in it." "That is very wrong," Saul said. "Find a large stone and roll it over here. - 1 Samuel 14:33
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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