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  • Now may his curses return and cling to him like clothing; may they be tied around him like a belt. - Psalms 109:19

  • May those curses become the LORD's punishment for my accusers who are plotting against my life. - Psalms 109:20

  • Then let them curse me if they like, but you will bless me! When they attack me, they will be disgraced! But I, your servant, will go right on rejoicing! - Psalms 109:28

  • You rebuke those cursed proud ones who wander from your commands. - Psalms 119:21

  • The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked, but his blessing is on the home of the upright. - Proverbs 3:33

  • People curse those who hold their grain for higher prices, but they bless the one who sells to them in their time of need. - Proverbs 11:26

  • If you curse your father or mother, the lamp of your life will be snuffed out. - Proverbs 20:20

  • A judge who says to the wicked, "You are innocent," will be cursed by many people and denounced by the nations. - Proverbs 24:24

  • Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an unfair curse will not land on its intended victim. - Proverbs 26:2

  • If you shout a pleasant greeting to your neighbor too early in the morning, it will be counted as a curse! - Proverbs 27:14

  • Whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing. But a curse will come upon those who close their eyes to poverty. - Proverbs 28:27

  • If you assist a thief, you are only hurting yourself. You will be punished if you report the crime, but you will be cursed if you don't. - Proverbs 29:24

  • Never slander a person to his employer. If you do, the person will curse you, and you will pay for it. - Proverbs 30:10

  • Some people curse their father and do not thank their mother. - Proverbs 30:11

  • "The LORD will bring a terrible curse on you, your nation, and your family. You will soon experience greater terror than has been known in all the years since Solomon's empire was divided into Israel and Judah. The mighty king of Assyria will come with his great army!" - Isaiah 7:17

  • My people will be led away as captives, weary and hungry. And because they are hungry, they will rage and shake their fists at heaven and curse their king and their God. - Isaiah 8:21

  • Therefore, a curse consumes the earth and its people. They are left desolate, destroyed by fire. Few will be left alive. - Isaiah 24:6
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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