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  • Gideon then crossed the Jordan River with his three hundred men, and though they were exhausted, they continued to chase the enemy. - Judges 8:4

  • As they led Jesus away, Simon of Cyrene,* who was coming in from the country just then, was forced to follow Jesus and carry his cross.2 - Luke 23:26

  • Finally, they came to a place called The Skull.* All three were crucified there--Jesus on the center cross, and the two criminals on either side.4 - Luke 23:33

  • A signboard was nailed to the cross above him with these words: "This is the King of the Jews." - Luke 23:38

  • And they brought the entire Tabernacle to Moses: the sacred tent with all its furnishings, the clasps, frames, crossbars, posts, and bases; - Exodus 39:33

  • Moses put it together by setting its frames into their bases and attaching the crossbars and raising the posts. - Exodus 40:18

  • These two clans were responsible for the care of the frames supporting the Tabernacle, the crossbars, the pillars, the bases, and all the equipment related to their use. - Numbers 3:36

  • "Their duties at the Tabernacle will consist of carrying loads. They will be required to carry the frames of the Tabernacle, the crossbars, the pillars with their bases, - Numbers 4:31

  • Please let us pass through your country. We will be careful not to go through your fields and vineyards. We won't even drink water from your wells. We will stay on the king's road and never leave it until we have crossed the opposite border." - Numbers 20:17

  • "Let us travel through your land. We will stay on the king's road until we have crossed your territory. We will not trample your fields or touch your vineyards or drink your well water." - Numbers 21:22

  • But King Sihon refused to let them cross his land. Instead, he mobilized his entire army and attacked Israel in the wilderness, engaging them in battle at Jahaz. - Numbers 21:23

  • and if your troops cross the Jordan until the LORD has driven out his enemies, - Numbers 32:21

  • But, sir, all who are able to bear arms will cross over to fight for the LORD, just as you have said." - Numbers 32:27

  • He said, "If all the men of Gad and Reuben who are able to fight the LORD's battles cross the Jordan with you, then when the land is conquered, you must give them the land of Gilead as their property. - Numbers 32:29

  • But if they refuse to cross over and march ahead of you, then they must accept land with the rest of you in the land of Canaan." - Numbers 32:30

  • We will cross the Jordan into Canaan fully armed to fight for the LORD, but our inheritance of land will be here on this side of the Jordan." - Numbers 32:32

  • They left Pi-hahiroth and crossed the Red Sea* into the wilderness beyond. Then they traveled for three days into the Etham wilderness and camped at Marah.2 - Numbers 33:8
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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