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  • Beat some of it very fine and put some of it in front of the Ark of the Covenant, where I will meet with you in the Tabernacle. This incense is most holy. - Exodus 30:36

  • the Tabernacle itself; the Ark of the Covenant;* the Ark's cover--the place of atonement; all the furnishings of the Tabernacle;1 - Exodus 31:7

  • "Tell the people of Israel to keep my Sabbath day, for the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant between me and you forever. It helps you to remember that I am the LORD, who makes you holy. - Exodus 31:13

  • It is a permanent sign of my covenant with them. For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, but he rested on the seventh day and was refreshed." - Exodus 31:17

  • Then as the LORD finished speaking with Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him the two stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant,* written by the finger of God.2 - Exodus 31:18

  • Remember your covenant with your servants--Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.* You swore by your own self, `I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven. Yes, I will give them all of this land that I have promised to your descendants, and they will possess it forever.' "1 - Exodus 32:13

  • Then Moses turned and went down the mountain. He held in his hands the two stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant.* They were inscribed on both sides, front and back.2 - Exodus 32:15

  • The LORD replied, "All right. This is the covenant I am going to make with you. I will perform wonders that have never been done before anywhere in all the earth or in any nation. And all the people around you will see the power of the LORD--the awesome power I will display through you. - Exodus 34:10

  • And the LORD said to Moses, "Write down all these instructions, for they represent the terms of my covenant with you and with Israel." - Exodus 34:27

  • Moses was up on the mountain with the LORD forty days and forty nights. In all that time he neither ate nor drank. At that time he wrote the terms of the covenant--the Ten Commandments--on the stone tablets. - Exodus 34:28

  • When Moses came down the mountain carrying the stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant,* he wasn't aware that his face glowed because he had spoken to the LORD face to face.1 - Exodus 34:29

  • Here is an inventory of the materials used in building the Tabernacle of the Covenant.* Moses directed the Levites to compile the figures, and Ithamar son of Aaron the priest served as recorder.3 - Exodus 38:21

  • And the Israelites went up seeking direction from the LORD. (In those days the Ark of the Covenant of God was in Bethel, - Judges 20:27

  • After supper he took another cup of wine and said, "This wine is the token of God's new covenant to save you--an agreement sealed with the blood I will pour out for you.*2 - Luke 22:20

  • the Ark of the Covenant* and its carrying poles; the Ark's cover--the place of atonement;3 - Exodus 39:35

  • Place the Ark of the Covenant* inside, and install the inner curtain to enclose the Ark within the Most Holy Place.2 - Exodus 40:3

  • "Place the incense altar just outside the inner curtain, opposite the Ark of the Covenant. Set up the curtain made for the entrance of the Tabernacle. - Exodus 40:5
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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