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  • of those who are faithful to his covenant, of those who obey his commandments! - Psalms 103:18

  • He always stands by his covenant-- the commitment he made to a thousand generations. - Psalms 105:8

  • This is the covenant he made with Abraham and the oath he swore to Isaac. - Psalms 105:9

  • He remembered his covenant with them and relented because of his unfailing love. - Psalms 106:45

  • He gives food to those who trust him; he always remembers his covenant. - Psalms 111:5

  • He has paid a full ransom for his people. He has guaranteed his covenant with them forever. What a holy, awe-inspiring name he has! - Psalms 111:9

  • If your descendants obey the terms of my covenant and follow the decrees that I teach them, then your royal line will never end." - Psalms 132:12

  • She has abandoned her husband and ignores the covenant she made before God. - Proverbs 2:17

  • The earth suffers for the sins of its people, for they have twisted the instructions of God, violated his laws, and broken his everlasting covenant. - Isaiah 24:5

  • "I, the LORD, have called you to demonstrate my righteousness. I will guard and support you, for I have given you to my people as the personal confirmation of my covenant with them. And you will be a light to guide all nations to me. - Isaiah 42:6

  • For the mountains may depart and the hills disappear, but even then I will remain loyal to you. My covenant of blessing will never be broken," says the LORD, who has mercy on you. - Isaiah 54:10

  • "Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, for the life of your soul is at stake. I am ready to make an everlasting covenant with you. I will give you all the mercies and unfailing love that I promised to David. - Isaiah 55:3

  • "I will also bless the Gentiles who commit themselves to the LORD and serve him and love his name, who worship him and do not desecrate the Sabbath day of rest, and who have accepted his covenant. - Isaiah 56:6

  • And this is my covenant with them," says the LORD. "My Spirit will not leave them, and neither will these words I have given you. They will be on your lips and on the lips of your children and your children's children forever. I, the LORD, have spoken! - Isaiah 59:21

  • "For I, the LORD, love justice. I hate robbery and wrongdoing. I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them. - Isaiah 61:8

  • "And when your land is once more filled with people," says the LORD, "you will no longer wish for `the good old days' when you possessed the Ark of the LORD's covenant. Those days will not be missed or even thought about, and there will be no need to rebuild the Ark. - Jeremiah 3:16

  • "Remind the people of Judah and Jerusalem about the terms of their covenant with me. - Jeremiah 11:2
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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