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  • She exclaimed to the king, "Everything I heard in my country about your achievements and wisdom is true! - 2 Chronicles 9:5

  • When the army of Judah arrived in the hill country of Ephraim, Abijah stood on Mount Zemaraim and shouted to Jeroboam and the Israelite army: "Listen to me! - 2 Chronicles 13:4

  • When Asa heard this message from Azariah the prophet,* he took courage and removed all the idols in the land of Judah and Benjamin and in the towns he had captured in the hill country of Ephraim. And he repaired the altar of the LORD, which stood in front of the foyer of the LORD's Temple.1 - 2 Chronicles 15:8

  • So Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem, but he went out among the people, traveling from Beersheba to the hill country of Ephraim, encouraging the people to return to the LORD, the God of their ancestors. - 2 Chronicles 19:4

  • He had built pagan shrines in the hill country of Judah and had led the people of Jerusalem and Judah to give themselves to pagan gods. - 2 Chronicles 21:11

  • He built towns in the hill country of Judah and constructed fortresses and towers in the wooded areas. - 2 Chronicles 27:4

  • Next down the line were his countrymen led by Binnui* son of Henadad, the leader of the other half of the district of Keilah.5 - Nehemiah 3:18

  • They will have neither children nor grandchildren, nor any survivor in their home country. - Job 18:19

  • We heard that the Ark was in Ephrathah; then we found it in the distant countryside of Jaar. - Psalms 132:6

  • Your country lies in ruins, and your cities are burned. As you watch, foreigners plunder your fields and destroy everything they see. - Isaiah 1:7

  • Then I said, "Lord, how long must I do this?" And he replied, "Until their cities are destroyed, with no one left in them. Until their houses are deserted and the whole country is an utter wasteland. - Isaiah 6:11

  • Then I will arrange to take you to another land like this one--a country with bountiful harvests of grain and wine, bread and vineyards--a land of plenty. - Isaiah 36:17

  • The king will return to his own country by the road on which he came. He will not enter this city, says the LORD. - Isaiah 37:34

  • Who has ever seen or heard of anything as strange as this? Has a nation ever been born in a single day? Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment? But by the time Jerusalem's* birth pains begin, the baby will be born; the nation will come forth.1 - Isaiah 66:8

  • From Dan and the hill country of Ephraim, your destruction has been announced. - Jeremiah 4:15

  • And from all around Jerusalem, from the towns of Judah and Benjamin, from the western foothills* and the hill country and the Negev, the people will come with their burnt offerings and sacrifices. They will bring their grain offerings, incense, and thanksgiving offerings to the LORD's Temple.1 - Jeremiah 17:26

  • He will die in a distant land and never again see his own country." - Jeremiah 22:12
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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