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  • Then the priests carried the Ark of the LORD's covenant into the inner sanctuary of the Temple--the Most Holy Place--and placed it beneath the wings of the cherubim. - 2 Chronicles 5:7

  • The cherubim spread their wings out over the Ark, forming a canopy over the Ark and its carrying poles. - 2 Chronicles 5:8

  • For the choir director: A psalm of Asaph, to be sung to the tune Lilies of the Covenant. Please listen, O Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Israel* like a flock. O God, enthroned above the cherubim, display your radiant glory1 - Psalms 80:1

  • The LORD is king! Let the nations tremble! He sits on his throne between the cherubim. Let the whole earth quake! - Psalms 99:1

  • "O LORD Almighty, God of Israel, you are enthroned between the mighty cherubim! You alone are God of all the kingdoms of the earth. You alone created the heavens and the earth. - Isaiah 37:16

  • Then the glory of the God of Israel rose up from between the cherubim, where it had rested, and moved to the entrance of the Temple. And the LORD called to the man dressed in linen who was carrying the writer's case. - Ezekiel 9:3

  • As I looked, I saw what appeared to be a throne of blue sapphire above the crystal surface over the heads of the cherubim. - Ezekiel 10:1

  • Then the LORD spoke to the man in linen clothing and said, "Go in between the whirling wheels beneath the cherubim, and take a handful of glowing coals and scatter them over the city." He did this as I watched. - Ezekiel 10:2

  • The cherubim were standing at the south end of the Temple when the man went in, and the cloud of glory filled the inner courtyard. - Ezekiel 10:3

  • Then the glory of the LORD rose up from above the cherubim and went over to the door of the Temple. The Temple was filled with this cloud of glory, and the Temple courtyard glowed brightly with the glory of the LORD. - Ezekiel 10:4

  • The moving wings of the cherubim sounded like the voice of God Almighty and could be heard clearly in the outer courtyard. - Ezekiel 10:5

  • The LORD said to the man in linen clothing, "Go between the cherubim and take some burning coals from between the wheels." So the man went in and stood beside one of the wheels. - Ezekiel 10:6

  • Then one of the cherubim reached out his hand and took some live coals from the fire burning among them. He put the coals into the hands of the man in linen clothing, and the man took them and went out. - Ezekiel 10:7

  • (All the cherubim had what looked like human hands hidden beneath their wings.) - Ezekiel 10:8

  • Each of the four cherubim had a wheel beside him, and the wheels sparkled like chrysolite. - Ezekiel 10:9

  • The cherubim could move forward in any of the four directions they faced, without turning as they moved. They went straight in the direction in which their heads were turned, never turning aside. - Ezekiel 10:11

  • Both the cherubim and the wheels were covered with eyes. The cherubim had eyes all over their bodies, including their hands, their backs, and their wings. - Ezekiel 10:12
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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