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  • One day Abraham said to the man in charge of his household, who was his oldest servant, - Genesis 24:2

  • So Joseph naturally became quite a favorite with him. Potiphar soon put Joseph in charge of his entire household and entrusted him with all his business dealings. - Genesis 39:4

  • From the day Joseph was put in charge, the LORD began to bless Potiphar for Joseph's sake. All his household affairs began to run smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished. - Genesis 39:5

  • Before long, the jailer put Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners and over everything that happened in the prison. - Genesis 39:22

  • "My suggestion is that you find the wisest man in Egypt and put him in charge of a nationwide program. - Genesis 41:33

  • And Pharaoh said to Joseph, "I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt." - Genesis 41:41

  • Pharaoh also gave Joseph the chariot of his second-in-command, and wherever he went the command was shouted, "Kneel down!" So Joseph was put in charge of all Egypt. - Genesis 41:43

  • Pharaoh renamed him Zaphenath-paneah* and gave him a wife--a young woman named Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera, priest of Heliopolis.* So Joseph took charge of the entire land of Egypt.1 - Genesis 41:45

  • Since Joseph was governor of all Egypt and in charge of the sale of the grain, it was to him that his brothers came. They bowed low before him, with their faces to the ground. - Genesis 42:6

  • As the brothers arrived at the entrance to the palace, they went over to the man in charge of Joseph's household. - Genesis 43:19

  • When his brothers were ready to leave, Joseph gave these instructions to the man in charge of his household: "Fill each of their sacks with as much grain as they can carry, and put each man's money back into his sack. - Genesis 44:1

  • we replied, `We can't unless you let our youngest brother go with us. We won't be allowed to see the man in charge of the grain unless our youngest brother is with us.' - Genesis 44:26

  • choose any place you like for them to live. Give them the best land of Egypt--the land of Goshen will be fine. And if any of them have special skills, put them in charge of my livestock, too." - Genesis 47:6

  • Then when Jacob had finished this charge to his sons, he lay back in the bed, breathed his last, and died. - Genesis 49:33

  • Then they whipped the Israelite foremen in charge of the work crews. "Why haven't you met your quotas either yesterday or today?" they demanded. - Exodus 5:14
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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