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  • So why are you bringing a charge against him? You say, `He does not respond to people's complaints.' - Job 33:13

  • It paws the earth and rejoices in its strength. When it charges to war, - Job 39:21

  • You put us in charge of everything you made, giving us authority over all things-- - Psalms 8:6

  • Those who do not charge interest on the money they lend, and who refuse to accept bribes to testify against the innocent. Such people will stand firm forever. - Psalms 15:5

  • "O my people, listen as I speak. Here are my charges against you, O Israel: I am God, your God! - Psalms 50:7

  • While you did all this, I remained silent, and you thought I didn't care. But now I will rebuke you, listing all my charges against you. - Psalms 50:21

  • Joseph was put in charge of all the king's household; he became ruler over all the king's possessions. - Psalms 105:21

  • You have charged us to keep your commandments carefully. - Psalms 119:4

  • for their Redeemer is strong. He himself will bring their charges against you. - Proverbs 23:11

  • When the godly succeed, everyone is glad. When the wicked take charge, people go into hiding. - Proverbs 28:12

  • When the wicked take charge, people hide. When the wicked meet disaster, the godly multiply. - Proverbs 28:28

  • In those days a man will say to his brother, "Since you have a cloak, you be our leader! Take charge of this heap of ruins!" - Isaiah 3:6

  • Now Pashhur son of Immer, the priest in charge of the Temple of the LORD, heard what Jeremiah was saying. - Jeremiah 20:1

  • `The LORD has appointed you to replace Jehoiada as the priest in charge of the house of the LORD. You are responsible to put anyone who claims to be a prophet in the stocks and neck irons. - Jeremiah 29:26

  • And of the people still hiding in the city, he took an officer of the Judean army, seven of the king's personal advisers, the army commander's chief secretary, who was in charge of recruitment, and sixty other citizens. - Jeremiah 52:25

  • Prostitutes charge for their services--but not you! You give gifts to your lovers, bribing them to come to you. - Ezekiel 16:33

  • The building beside the south inner gate is for the priests in charge of the altar--the descendants of Zadok--for they alone of all the Levites may approach the LORD to minister to him." - Ezekiel 40:46
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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