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  • They began to talk about construction projects. "Come," they said, "let's make great piles of burnt brick and collect natural asphalt to use as mortar. - Genesis 11:3

  • They were ruthless with the Israelites, forcing them to make bricks and mortar and to work long hours in the fields. - Exodus 1:14

  • "Do not supply the people with any more straw for making bricks. Let them get it themselves! - Exodus 5:7

  • But don't reduce their production quotas by a single brick. They obviously don't have enough to do. If they did, they wouldn't be talking about going into the wilderness to offer sacrifices to their God. - Exodus 5:8

  • Go and get it yourselves. Find it wherever you can. But you must produce just as many bricks as before!" - Exodus 5:11

  • The slave drivers were brutal. "Meet your daily quota of bricks, just as you did before!" they demanded. - Exodus 5:13

  • "We are given no straw, but we are still told to make as many bricks as before. We are beaten for something that isn't our fault! It is the fault of your slave drivers for making such unreasonable demands." - Exodus 5:16

  • Now, get back to work! No straw will be given to you, but you must still deliver the regular quota of bricks." - Exodus 5:18

  • He also made slaves of the people of Rabbah and forced them to labor with saws, picks, and axes, and to work in the brick kilns. That is how he dealt with the people of all the Ammonite cities. Then David and his army returned to Jerusalem. - 2 Samuel 12:31

  • "Our land lies in ruins now, but we will rebuild it better than before. We will replace the broken bricks with cut stone, the fallen sycamore trees with cedars." - Isaiah 9:10

  • "And now, son of man, take a large brick and set it down in front of you. Then draw a map of the city of Jerusalem on it. - Ezekiel 4:1

  • Get ready for the siege! Store up water! Strengthen the defenses! Make bricks to repair the walls! Go into the pits to trample clay, and pack it into molds! - Nahum 3:14

New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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