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  • Then the day after the Passover celebration,* the Festival of Unleavened Bread begins. This festival to the LORD continues for seven days, and during that time all the bread you eat must be made without yeast.2 - Leviticus 23:6

  • Do not eat any bread or roasted grain or fresh kernels on that day until after you have brought this offering to your God. This is a permanent law for you, and it must be observed wherever you live. - Leviticus 23:14

  • From wherever you live, bring two loaves of bread to be lifted up before the LORD as an offering. These loaves must be baked from three quarts of choice flour that contains yeast. They will be an offering to the LORD from the first of your crops. - Leviticus 23:17

  • Along with this bread, present seven one-year-old lambs with no physical defects, one bull, and two rams as burnt offerings to the LORD. These whole burnt offerings, together with the accompanying grain offerings and drink offerings, will be given to the LORD by fire and will be pleasing to him. - Leviticus 23:18

  • "You must bake twelve loaves of bread from choice flour, using three quarts* of flour for each loaf.2 - Leviticus 24:5

  • Place the bread in the LORD's presence on the pure gold table, and arrange the loaves in two rows, with six in each row. - Leviticus 24:6

  • Sprinkle some pure frankincense near each row. It will serve as a token offering, to be burned in place of the bread as an offering given to the LORD by fire. - Leviticus 24:7

  • Every Sabbath day this bread must be laid out before the LORD on behalf of the Israelites as a continual part of the covenant. - Leviticus 24:8

  • The loaves of bread belong to Aaron and his male descendants, who must eat them in a sacred place, for they represent a most holy portion of the offerings given to the LORD by fire." - Leviticus 24:9

  • I will completely destroy your food supply, so the bread from one oven will have to be stretched to feed ten families. They will ration your food by weight, and even if you have food to eat, you will not be satisfied. - Leviticus 26:26

  • "Next they must spread a blue cloth over the table, where the Bread of the Presence is displayed, and place the dishes, spoons, bowls, cups, and the special bread on the cloth. - Numbers 4:7

  • a basket of bread made without yeast--cakes of choice flour mixed with olive oil and wafers spread with olive oil--along with their prescribed grain offerings and drink offerings. - Numbers 6:15

  • then the ram for a peace offering, along with the basket of bread made without yeast. The priest must also make the prescribed grain offering and drink offering. - Numbers 6:17

  • They must offer the Passover sacrifice one month later,* at twilight on the appointed day. They must eat the lamb at that time with bitter herbs and bread made without yeast.4 - Numbers 9:11

  • On the following day a joyous, seven-day festival will begin, but no bread made with yeast may be eaten. - Numbers 28:17

  • Yes, he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that people need more than bread for their life; real life comes by feeding on every word of the LORD. - Deuteronomy 8:3

  • Then for forty days and nights I lay prostrate before the LORD, neither eating bread nor drinking water. I did this because you had sinned by doing what the LORD hated, thus making him very angry. - Deuteronomy 9:18
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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