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  • Joshua sent some of his men from Jericho to spy out the city of Ai, east of Bethel, near Beth-aven. - Joshua 7:2

  • The northern boundary began at the Jordan River, went north of the slope of Jericho, then west through the hill country and the wilderness of Beth-aven. - Joshua 18:12

  • The Philistines mustered a mighty army of three thousand* chariots, six thousand horsemen, and as many warriors as the grains of sand along the seashore! They camped at Micmash east of Beth-aven.2 - 1 Samuel 13:5

  • So the LORD saved Israel that day, and the battle continued to rage even out beyond Beth-aven. - 1 Samuel 14:23

  • "Though Israel is a prostitute, may Judah avoid such guilt. O Judah, do not join with those who worship me insincerely at Gilgal and at Beth-aven.* Their worship is mere pretense as they take oaths in the LORD's name.3 - Hosea 4:15

  • "Blow the ram's horn in Gibeah! Sound the alarm in Ramah! Raise the battle cry in Beth-aven*! Lead on into battle, O warriors of Benjamin!3 - Hosea 5:8

  • The people of Samaria tremble for their calf idol at Beth-aven.* The people mourn over it, and the priests wail for it, because its glory will be stripped away.1 - Hosea 10:5

New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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