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  • The eastern boundary was the Jordan River. This was the inheritance for the families of the tribe of Benjamin. - Joshua 18:20

  • These were the towns given to the families of the tribe of Benjamin. Jericho, Beth-hoglah, Emek-keziz, - Joshua 18:21

  • Zela, Haeleph, Jebus (that is, Jerusalem), Gibeah, and Kiriath-jearim*--fourteen towns with their villages. This was the inheritance given to the families of the tribe of Benjamin.5 - Joshua 18:28

  • The descendants of Aaron, who were members of the Kohathite clan within the tribe of Levi, were given thirteen towns that were originally assigned to the tribes of Judah, Simeon, and Benjamin. - Joshua 21:4

  • From the tribe of Benjamin the priests were given the following towns with their surrounding pasturelands: Gibeon, Geba, - Joshua 21:17

  • The tribe of Benjamin, however, failed to drive out the Jebusites, who were living in Jerusalem. So to this day the Jebusites live in Jerusalem among the people of Benjamin. - Judges 1:21

  • But when Israel cried out to the LORD for help, the LORD raised up a man to rescue them. His name was Ehud son of Gera, of the tribe of Benjamin, who was left-handed. The Israelites sent Ehud to deliver their tax money to King Eglon of Moab. - Judges 3:15

  • They came down from Ephraim--a land that once belonged to the Amalekites, and Benjamin also followed you. From Makir the commanders marched down; from Zebulun came those who carry the rod of authority. - Judges 5:14

  • The Ammonites also crossed to the west side of the Jordan and attacked Judah, Benjamin, and Ephraim. The Israelites were in great distress. - Judges 10:9

  • A man from the tribe of Benjamin ran from the battlefront and arrived at Shiloh later that same day. He had torn his clothes and put dust on his head to show his grief. - 1 Samuel 4:12

  • Kish was a rich, influential man from the tribe of Benjamin. He was the son of Abiel and grandson of Zeror, from the family of Becorath and the clan of Aphiah. - 1 Samuel 9:1

  • So Saul took one of his servants and traveled all through the hill country of Ephraim, the land of Shalishah, the Shaalim area, and the entire land of Benjamin, but they couldn't find the donkeys anywhere. - 1 Samuel 9:4

  • "About this time tomorrow I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin. Anoint him to be the leader of my people, Israel. He will rescue them from the Philistines, for I have looked down on my people in mercy and have heard their cry." - 1 Samuel 9:16

  • Saul replied, "But I'm only from Benjamin, the smallest tribe in Israel, and my family is the least important of all the families of that tribe! Why are you talking like this to me?" - 1 Samuel 9:21

  • When you leave me today, you will see two men beside Rachel's tomb at Zelzah, on the border of Benjamin. They will tell you that the donkeys have been found and that your father is worried about you and is asking, `Have you seen my son?' - 1 Samuel 10:2

  • So Samuel called the tribal leaders together before the LORD, and the tribe of Benjamin was chosen.*4 - 1 Samuel 10:20

  • Then he brought each family of the tribe of Benjamin before the LORD, and the family of the Matrites was chosen. And finally Saul son of Kish was chosen from among them. But when they looked for him, he had disappeared! - 1 Samuel 10:21
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