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  • Asa responded by taking all the silver and gold that was left in the treasuries of the LORD's Temple and the royal palace. He sent it with some of his officials to Ben-hadad son of Tabrimmon and grandson of Hezion, the king of Aram, who was ruling in Damascus, along with this message: - 1 Kings 15:18

  • Ben-hadad agreed to King Asa's request and sent his armies to attack Israel. They conquered the towns of Ijon, Dan, Abel-beth-maacah, and all Kinnereth, with all the land of Naphtali. - 1 Kings 15:20

  • Now King Ben-hadad of Aram mobilized his army, supported by the chariots and horses of thirty-two allied kings. They went to besiege Samaria, the Israelite capital, and launched attacks against it. - 1 Kings 20:1

  • Ben-hadad sent messengers into the city to relay this message to King Ahab of Israel: "This is what Ben-hadad says: - 1 Kings 20:2

  • Soon Ben-hadad's messengers returned again and said, "This is what Ben-hadad says: `I have already demanded that you give me your silver, gold, wives, and children. - 1 Kings 20:5

  • So Ahab told the messengers from Ben-hadad, "Say this to my lord the king: `I will give you everything you asked for the first time, but this last demand of yours I simply cannot meet.' " So the messengers returned to Ben-hadad with the response. - 1 Kings 20:9

  • Then Ben-hadad sent this message to Ahab: "May the gods bring tragedy on me, and even worse than that, if there remains enough dust from Samaria to provide more than a handful for each of my soldiers." - 1 Kings 20:10

  • This reply of Ahab's reached Ben-hadad and the other kings as they were drinking in their tents.* "Prepare to attack!" Ben-hadad commanded his officers. So they prepared to attack the city.1 - 1 Kings 20:12

  • About noontime, as Ben-hadad and the thirty-two allied kings were still in their tents getting drunk, - 1 Kings 20:16

  • the troops of the provincial commanders marched out of the city. As they approached, Ben-hadad's scouts reported to him, "Some troops are coming from Samaria." - 1 Kings 20:17

  • "Take them alive," Ben-hadad commanded, "whether they have come for peace or for war." - 1 Kings 20:18

  • Each Israelite soldier killed his Aramean opponent, and suddenly the entire Aramean army panicked and fled. The Israelites chased them, but King Ben-hadad and a few others escaped on horses. - 1 Kings 20:20

  • After their defeat, Ben-hadad's officers said to him, "The Israelite gods are gods of the hills; that is why they won. But we can beat them easily on the plains. - 1 Kings 20:23

  • Recruit another army like the one you lost. Give us the same number of horses, chariots, and men, and we will fight against them in the plains. There's not a shadow of a doubt that we will beat them." So King Ben-hadad did as they suggested. - 1 Kings 20:25

  • The rest fled behind the walls of Aphek, but the wall fell on them and killed another 27,000. Ben-hadad fled into the city and hid in a secret room. - 1 Kings 20:30
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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