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  • Take your bow and a quiver full of arrows out into the open country, and hunt some wild game for me. - Genesis 27:3

  • Any people or animals that cross the boundary must be stoned to death or shot with arrows. They must not be touched by human hands.' The people must stay away from the mountain until they hear one long blast from the ram's horn. Then they must gather at the foot of the mountain." - Exodus 19:13

  • God brought them up from Egypt, drawing them along like a wild ox. He devours all the nations that oppose him, breaking their bones in pieces, shooting them with arrows. - Numbers 24:8

  • I will heap disasters upon them and shoot them down with my arrows. - Deuteronomy 32:23

  • I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword will devour flesh-- the blood of the slaughtered and the captives, and the heads of the enemy leaders." ' - Deuteronomy 32:42

  • I will come out and shoot three arrows to the side of the stone pile as though I were shooting at a target. - 1 Samuel 20:20

  • Then I will send a boy to bring the arrows back. If you hear me tell him, `They're on this side,' then you will know, as surely as the LORD lives, that all is well, and there is no trouble. - 1 Samuel 20:21

  • But if I tell him, `Go farther--the arrows are still ahead of you,' then it will mean that you must leave immediately, for the LORD is sending you away. - 1 Samuel 20:22

  • The next morning, as agreed, Jonathan went out into the field and took a young boy with him to gather his arrows. - 1 Samuel 20:35

  • "Start running," he told the boy, "so you can find the arrows as I shoot them." So the boy ran, and Jonathan shot an arrow beyond him. - 1 Samuel 20:36

  • When the boy had almost reached the arrow, Jonathan shouted, "The arrow is still ahead of you. - 1 Samuel 20:37

  • Hurry, hurry, don't wait." So the boy quickly gathered up the arrows and ran back to his master. - 1 Samuel 20:38

  • Then Jonathan gave his bow and arrows to the boy and told him to take them back to the city. - 1 Samuel 20:40

  • the archers on the wall shot arrows at us. Some of our men were killed, including Uriah the Hittite." - 2 Samuel 11:24

  • He shot his arrows and scattered his enemies; his lightning flashed, and they were confused. - 2 Samuel 22:15
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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