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  • Without mercy the Lord has destroyed every home in Israel.* In his anger he has broken down the fortress walls of Jerusalem.* He has brought to dust the kingdom and all its rulers.2 - Lamentations 2:2

  • He has broken down his Temple as though it were merely a garden shelter. The LORD has blotted out all memory of the holy festivals and Sabbath days. Kings and priests fall together before his anger. - Lamentations 2:6

  • "See them lying in the streets--young and old, boys and girls, killed by the swords of the enemy. You have killed them in your anger, slaughtering them without mercy. - Lamentations 2:21

  • "You have invited terrors from all around as though you were calling them to a day of feasting. In the day of the LORD's anger, no one has escaped or survived. The enemy has killed all the children I bore and raised." - Lamentations 2:22

  • I am the one who has seen the afflictions that come from the rod of the LORD's anger. - Lamentations 3:1

  • "You have engulfed us with your anger, chased us down, and slaughtered us without mercy. - Lamentations 3:43

  • Chase them down in your anger, destroying them from beneath the LORD's heavens. - Lamentations 3:66

  • But now the anger of the LORD is satisfied. His fiercest anger has now been poured out. He started a fire in Jerusalem* that burned the city to its foundations.3 - Lamentations 4:11

  • Are you rejoicing in the land of Uz, O people of Edom? But you, too, must drink from the cup of the LORD's anger. You, too, will be stripped naked in your drunkenness. - Lamentations 4:21

  • Then at last my anger will be spent, and I will be satisfied. And when my fury against them has subsided, all Israel will know that I, the LORD, have spoken to them in my jealous anger. - Ezekiel 5:13

  • No hope remains, for I will unleash my anger against you. I will call you to account for all your disgusting behavior. - Ezekiel 7:3

  • Yes, the time has come; the day is here! There is no reason for buyers to rejoice over the bargains they find or for sellers to grieve over their losses, for all of them will fall under my terrible anger. - Ezekiel 7:12

  • "They will throw away their money, tossing it out like worthless trash. It won't buy their deliverance in that day of the LORD's anger. It will neither satisfy nor feed them, for their love of money made them stumble into sin. - Ezekiel 7:19

  • "Therefore, this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will sweep away your whitewashed wall with a storm of indignation, with a great flood of anger, and with hailstones of fury. - Ezekiel 13:13

  • At last my anger against the wall and those who covered it with whitewash will be satisfied. Then I will say to you: `The wall and those who whitewashed it are both gone. - Ezekiel 13:15

  • Then you added lustful Egypt to your lovers, fanning the flames of my anger with your increasing promiscuity. - Ezekiel 16:26

  • "Then at last my fury against you will be spent, and my jealous anger will subside. I will be calm and will not be angry with you anymore. - Ezekiel 16:42
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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