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  • Listen to the weeping of my people; it can be heard all across the land. "Has the LORD abandoned Jerusalem*?" the people ask. "Is her King no longer there?" "Oh, why have they angered me with their carved idols and worthless gods?" asks the LORD.2 - Jeremiah 8:19

  • But the LORD is the only true God, the living God. He is the everlasting King! The whole earth trembles at his anger. The nations hide before his wrath. - Jeremiah 10:10

  • says the LORD. "For suddenly, I will fling you from this land and pour great troubles upon you. At last you will feel my anger." - Jeremiah 10:18

  • So correct me, LORD, but please be gentle. Do not correct me in anger, for I would die. - Jeremiah 10:24

  • I, the LORD Almighty, who planted this olive tree, have ordered it destroyed. For the people of Israel and Judah have done evil, provoking my anger by offering incense to Baal." - Jeremiah 11:17

  • My people have planted wheat but are harvesting thorns. They have worked hard, but it has done them no good. They will harvest a crop of shame, for the fierce anger of the LORD is upon them." - Jeremiah 12:13

  • I will tell their enemies to take them as captives to a foreign land. For my anger blazes forth like fire, and it will consume them." - Jeremiah 15:14

  • The wonderful inheritance I have reserved for you will slip out of your hands, and I will send you away as captives to a foreign land. For you have kindled my anger into a roaring fire that will burn forever." - Jeremiah 17:4

  • Should they repay evil for good? They have set a trap to kill me, though I pleaded for them and tried to protect them from your anger. - Jeremiah 18:20

  • LORD, you know all about their murderous plots against me. Don't forgive their crimes and blot out their sins. Let them die before you. Deal with them in your anger. - Jeremiah 18:23

  • This is what the LORD says to the dynasty of David: Give justice to the people you judge! Help those who have been robbed; rescue them from their oppressors. Do what is right, or my anger will burn like an unquenchable fire because of all your sins. - Jeremiah 21:12

  • Look! The LORD's anger bursts out like a storm, a whirlwind that swirls down on the heads of the wicked. - Jeremiah 23:19

  • The anger of the LORD will not diminish until it has finished all his plans. In the days to come, you will understand all this very clearly. - Jeremiah 23:20

  • Then the LORD, the God of Israel, said to me, "Take from my hand this cup filled to the brim with my anger, and make all the nations to whom I send you drink from it. - Jeremiah 25:15

  • So I took the cup of anger from the LORD and made all the nations drink from it--every nation the LORD sent me to. - Jeremiah 25:17

  • And I went to the kings of the northern countries, far and near, one after the other--all the kingdoms of the world. And finally, the king of Babylon* himself drank from the cup of the LORD's anger.6 - Jeremiah 25:26

  • Then the LORD said to me, "Now tell them, `The LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Drink from this cup of my anger. Get drunk and vomit, and you will fall to rise no more, for I am sending terrible wars against you.' - Jeremiah 25:27
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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