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  • But Joash shouted to the mob, "Why are you defending Baal? Will you argue his case? Whoever pleads his case will be put to death by morning! If Baal truly is a god, let him defend himself and destroy the one who knocked down his altar!" - Judges 6:31

  • From then on Gideon was called Jerubbaal, which means "Let Baal defend himself," because he knocked down Baal's altar. - Judges 6:32

  • Early the next morning the people built an altar and presented their burnt offerings and peace offerings on it. - Judges 21:4

  • And I heard a voice from the altar saying, "Yes, Lord God Almighty, your punishments are true and just." - Revelation 16:7

  • the gold altar; the anointing oil; the fragrant incense; the curtain for the entrance of the sacred tent; - Exodus 39:38

  • the bronze altar; the bronze grating; its poles and utensils; the large washbasin and its pedestal; - Exodus 39:39

  • "Place the incense altar just outside the inner curtain, opposite the Ark of the Covenant. Set up the curtain made for the entrance of the Tabernacle. - Exodus 40:5

  • Place the altar of burnt offering in front of the Tabernacle entrance. - Exodus 40:6

  • Set the large washbasin between the Tabernacle* and the altar and fill it with water.3 - Exodus 40:7

  • Sprinkle the anointing oil on the altar of burnt offering and its utensils, sanctifying them. Then the altar will become most holy. - Exodus 40:10

  • He also placed the incense altar in the Tabernacle, in the Holy Place in front of the inner curtain. - Exodus 40:26

  • and he placed the altar of burnt offering near the Tabernacle entrance. On it he offered a burnt offering and a grain offering, just as the LORD had commanded. - Exodus 40:29

  • Next he placed the large washbasin between the Tabernacle and the altar. He filled it with water so the priests could use it to wash themselves. - Exodus 40:30

  • Whenever they walked past the altar to enter the Tabernacle, they were to stop and wash, just as the LORD had commanded Moses. - Exodus 40:32

  • Then he hung the curtains forming the courtyard around the Tabernacle and the altar. And he set up the curtain at the entrance of the courtyard. So at last Moses finished the work. - Exodus 40:33

  • Then slaughter the animal in the LORD's presence, and Aaron's sons, the priests, will present the blood by sprinkling it against the sides of the altar that stands in front of the Tabernacle. - Leviticus 1:5

  • the sons of Aaron the priest will build a wood fire on the altar. - Leviticus 1:7
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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