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  • Now this wonderful truth--that God declared him to be righteous--wasn't just for Abraham's benefit. - Romans 4:23

  • Just the fact that they are descendants of Abraham doesn't make them truly Abraham's children. For the Scriptures say, "Isaac is the son through whom your descendants will be counted,"* though Abraham had other children, too.4 - Romans 9:7

  • This means that Abraham's physical descendants are not necessarily children of God. It is the children of the promise who are considered to be Abraham's children. - Romans 9:8

  • I ask, then, has God rejected his people, the Jews? Of course not! Remember that I myself am a Jew, a descendant of Abraham and a member of the tribe of Benjamin. - Romans 11:1

  • And since Abraham and the other patriarchs were holy, their children will also be holy.* For if the roots of the tree are holy, the branches will be, too.7 - Romans 11:16

  • But some of these branches from Abraham's tree, some of the Jews, have been broken off. And you Gentiles, who were branches from a wild olive tree, were grafted in. So now you also receive the blessing God has promised Abraham and his children, sharing in God's rich nourishment of his special olive tree. - Romans 11:17

  • Many of the Jews are now enemies of the Good News. But this has been to your benefit, for God has given his gifts to you Gentiles. Yet the Jews are still his chosen people because of his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. - Romans 11:28

  • They say they are Hebrews, do they? So am I. And they say they are Israelites? So am I. And they are descendants of Abraham? So am I. - 2 Corinthians 11:22

  • The real children of Abraham, then, are all those who put their faith in God. - Galatians 3:7

  • What's more, the Scriptures looked forward to this time when God would accept the Gentiles, too, on the basis of their faith. God promised this good news to Abraham long ago when he said, "All nations will be blessed through you."*2 - Galatians 3:8

  • And so it is: All who put their faith in Christ share the same blessing Abraham received because of his faith. - Galatians 3:9

  • Through the work of Christ Jesus, God has blessed the Gentiles with the same blessing he promised to Abraham, and we Christians receive the promised Holy Spirit through faith. - Galatians 3:14

  • God gave the promise to Abraham and his child.* And notice that it doesn't say the promise was to his children,* as if it meant many descendants. But the promise was to his child--and that, of course, means Christ.8 - Galatians 3:16

  • This is what I am trying to say: The agreement God made with Abraham could not be canceled 430 years later when God gave the law to Moses. God would be breaking his promise. - Galatians 3:17

  • For if the inheritance could be received only by keeping the law, then it would not be the result of accepting God's promise. But God gave it to Abraham as a promise. - Galatians 3:18

  • Now a mediator is needed if two people enter into an agreement, but God acted on his own when he made his promise to Abraham. - Galatians 3:20

  • And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. You are his heirs, and now all the promises God gave to him belong to you. - Galatians 3:29
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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