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  • When Abner looked back and saw him coming, he called out, "Is that you, Asahel?" "Yes, it is," he replied. - 2 Samuel 2:20

  • "Go fight someone else!" Abner warned. "Take on one of the younger men and strip him of his weapons." But Asahel refused and kept right on chasing Abner. - 2 Samuel 2:21

  • Again Abner shouted to him, "Get away from here! I will never be able to face your brother Joab if I have to kill you!" - 2 Samuel 2:22

  • But Asahel would not give up, so Abner thrust the butt end of his spear through Asahel's stomach, and the spear came out through his back. He stumbled to the ground and died there. And everyone who came by that spot stopped and stood still when they saw Asahel lying there. - 2 Samuel 2:23

  • When Joab and Abishai found out what had happened, they set out after Abner. The sun was just going down as they arrived at the hill of Ammah near Giah, along the road to the wilderness of Gibeon. - 2 Samuel 2:24

  • Abner's troops from the tribe of Benjamin regrouped there at the top of the hill to take a stand. - 2 Samuel 2:25

  • Abner shouted down to Joab, "Must we always solve our differences with swords? Don't you realize the only thing we will gain is bitterness toward each other? When will you call off your men from chasing their Israelite brothers?" - 2 Samuel 2:26

  • All that night Abner and his men retreated through the Jordan Valley.* They crossed the Jordan River, traveling all through the morning,* and they did not stop until they arrived at Mahanaim.3 - 2 Samuel 2:29

  • But three hundred and sixty of Abner's men, all from the tribe of Benjamin, had been killed. - 2 Samuel 2:31

  • As the war went on, Abner became a powerful leader among those who were loyal to Saul's dynasty. - 2 Samuel 3:6

  • One day Ishbosheth,* Saul's son, accused Abner of sleeping with one of his father's concubines, a woman named Rizpah.1 - 2 Samuel 3:7

  • Abner became furious. "Am I a Judean dog to be kicked around like this?" he shouted. "After all I have done for you and your father by not betraying you to David, is this my reward--that you find fault with me about this woman? - 2 Samuel 3:8

  • Ishbosheth didn't dare say another word because he was afraid of what Abner might do. - 2 Samuel 3:11

  • Then Abner sent messengers to David, saying, "Let's make an agreement, and I will help turn the entire nation of Israel over to you." - 2 Samuel 3:12

  • Palti followed along behind her as far as Bahurim, weeping as he went. Then Abner told him, "Go back home!" So Palti returned. - 2 Samuel 3:16

  • Meanwhile, Abner had consulted with the leaders of Israel. "For some time now," he told them, "you have wanted to make David your king. - 2 Samuel 3:17

  • Abner also spoke with the leaders of the tribe of Benjamin. Then he went to Hebron to tell David that all the people of Israel and Benjamin supported him. - 2 Samuel 3:19
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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