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  • and the men of Judah began to shout. At the sound of their battle cry, God defeated Jeroboam and the Israelite army and routed them before Abijah and the army of Judah. - 2 Chronicles 13:15

  • Abijah and his army inflicted heavy losses on them; there were 500,000 casualties among Israel's finest troops that day. - 2 Chronicles 13:17

  • Abijah and his army pursued Jeroboam's troops and captured some of his towns, including Bethel, Jeshanah, and Ephron, along with their surrounding villages. - 2 Chronicles 13:19

  • So Jeroboam of Israel never regained his power during Abijah's lifetime, and finally the LORD struck him down and he died. - 2 Chronicles 13:20

  • By contrast, Abijah of Judah grew more and more powerful. He married fourteen wives and had twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters. - 2 Chronicles 13:21

  • The rest of the events of Abijah's reign, including his words and deeds, are recorded in [The Commentary of Iddo the Prophet.] - 2 Chronicles 13:22

  • When Abijah died, he was buried in the City of David. Then his son Asa became the next king. There was peace in the land for ten years, - 2 Chronicles 14:1

  • Hezekiah was twenty-five years old when he became the king of Judah, and he reigned in Jerusalem twenty-nine years. His mother was Abijah, the daughter of Zechariah. - 2 Chronicles 29:1

  • Meshullam, Abijah, Mijamin, - Nehemiah 10:7

  • Iddo, Ginnethon,* Abijah,2 - Nehemiah 12:4

  • Zicri was leader of the family of Abijah. There was also a* leader of the family of Miniamin. Piltai was leader of the family of Moadiah.7 - Nehemiah 12:17

  • Solomon was the father of Rehoboam. Rehoboam was the father of Abijah. Abijah was the father of Asaph.*2 - Matthew 1:7

  • It all begins with a Jewish priest, Zechariah, who lived when Herod was king of Judea. Zechariah was a member of the priestly order of Abijah. His wife, Elizabeth, was also from the priestly line of Aaron. - Luke 1:5

  • New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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