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  • Then take some of the blood from the altar and mix it with some of the anointing oil. Sprinkle it on Aaron and his sons and on their clothes. In this way, they and their clothing will be set apart as holy to the LORD. - Exodus 29:21

  • "Since this is the ram for the ordination of Aaron and his sons, take the fat of the ram, including the fat tail and the fat that covers the internal organs. Also, take the long lobe of the liver, the two kidneys with their fat, and the right thigh. - Exodus 29:22

  • Put all these in the hands of Aaron and his sons to be lifted up as a special gift to the LORD. - Exodus 29:24

  • Then take the breast of Aaron's ordination ram, and lift it up in the LORD's presence as a special gift to him. Afterward keep it for yourself. - Exodus 29:26

  • "Set aside as holy the parts of the ordination ram that belong to Aaron and his sons. This includes the breast and the thigh that were lifted up before the LORD in the ordination ceremony. - Exodus 29:27

  • In the future, whenever the people of Israel offer up peace offerings or thanksgiving offerings to the LORD, these parts will be the regular share of Aaron and his descendants. - Exodus 29:28

  • Whoever is the next high priest after Aaron will wear these clothes for seven days before beginning to minister in the Tabernacle and the Holy Place. - Exodus 29:30

  • Aaron and his sons are to eat this meat, along with the bread in the basket, at the Tabernacle entrance. - Exodus 29:32

  • "This is how you will ordain Aaron and his sons to their offices. The ordination ceremony will go on for seven days. - Exodus 29:35

  • Yes, I will make the Tabernacle and the altar most holy, and I will set apart Aaron and his sons as holy, that they may be my priests. - Exodus 29:44

  • "Every morning when Aaron trims the lamps, he must burn fragrant incense on the altar. - Exodus 30:7

  • "Once a year Aaron must purify the altar by placing on its horns the blood from the offering made for the atonement of sin. This will be a regular, annual event from generation to generation, for this is the LORD's supremely holy altar." - Exodus 30:10

  • Aaron and his sons will wash their hands and feet there - Exodus 30:19

  • This is a permanent law for Aaron and his descendants, to be kept from generation to generation." - Exodus 30:21

  • Use this oil also to anoint Aaron and his sons, sanctifying them so they can minister before me as priests. - Exodus 30:30

  • the beautifully stitched, holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments for his sons to wear as they minister as priests; - Exodus 31:10

  • When Moses failed to come back down the mountain right away, the people went to Aaron. "Look," they said, "make us some gods who can lead us. This man Moses, who brought us here from Egypt, has disappeared. We don't know what has happened to him." - Exodus 32:1
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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